For the first time ;)

I had to get the third party transfer option enabled in my HDFC bank account and that needs you to fill a form and submit it to some branch. So I went to HDFC bank nearby and asked for the form. For the first time in my life probably, it was a really simple form. Just 3-4 required fields and that is it. Though there was one little thing that can be pointed out. They asked for customer ID which is not as common thing as account number. But the lady at the counter asked me to write account number only. So problem solved. It was really a rare example of good experience of “going to a bank”  . Wish all the bank related things were that simple 🙁 .

Cheers !!! 😉


  1. haan yaar I hate filling forms, jab-khaana 😀

    • Seriously, its not our cup of tea to fill those bloody forms. They are intentionally made so complicated, i guess. And no one ever thinks about making them simple. For example, see the income tax return forms. You just can’t complete them without taking assistance from someone. Why not work on this shit, wipe it off for once and all and make them usable by everyone ?

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