Month: December 2009

Rocket Singh – a must watch

Watched Rocket Singh yesterday and its a must watch. If you understand a bit of corporate culture you will relate to each and every bit of the story. Totally honest and no-crap story. No faaltu songs, romance and all. Excellent performances by all the characters. Do watch it because its an intelligent film way away from the standard crap we are bombarded with !

Carrying Happiness !

At almost all the marriages I have attended, one thing that has always attracted my attention is the guys carrying lights and all the stuff with the baraat. This time I got a chance to click few pics of them. Everybody is lost in the celebrations and they are carrying the lights with the baraat with most of the times lights of their faces off. So here are 2 pics dedicated to all such folks who make such celebrations possible and the title that came to my mind at that time is “Carrying happiness” as that is what they are doing, No ?



This that

After I was just done with all the struggle required to buy a good PC, the keyboard and mouse combo I had chosen was Logitech Cordless Desktop® MX 3200 Laser.

But sadly that set was crappy and all others that he showed, so I returned that back to dealer and took money back. Then I started searching for some simple keyboard and with a bit (or byte ? 😛 ) of help from Aman, settled for Logitech NewTouch™ Keyboard 200 (USB) (Just feel, how sweet it sounds from the name 😉 )


The biggest problems with this keyboard are the small size, bigger Return key and pipe key moved in upper row. All the crap. So again the time to look for a new keyboard. Never even get moved by the fancy terms used in the name. Please do read reviews on Amazon and then only move to buy the stuff. Not much useful post it may be, just wanted to let out some frustration 😀 .

Emergency EXITs !

Very simple thing but do you manage to properly decode all the emergency signs and methods in metro or newly manufactured buses (There are hardly any in trains or old buses and too simple if any) ? What I noticed is that they are too difficult to understand even in daily travels. God forbid, if something should happen, I don’t think it is everybody’s cup of tea to make use of them. Shouldn’t be they made simple to understand ?

Heights of cost cutting

nokia cable

This is the cable Nokia is delivering with E71 these days; hardly 5-6 inches. And if you have to connect your phone to a PC, you need to sit and hold your phone man ;). Beauty ! Isn’t it the height of cost cutting that with a phone that costs 17000 INR, they can’t even give a proper cable. And oh yes, not to mention those crappy earphones 🙁 . Nokia 1650 (Costs 1500 INR, i guess) and E71 (Costs 16000 INR +) come with same pair of earphones 😉 .