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I am sorry girl…

I shuddered with horror after reading what this poor girl has to go through. She was a brave girl and fought very bravely. But today she lost the fight and is no more with us.

We all are responsible for your death girl. We are all ashamed of

being part of this society,

being mute spectators of the injustice happening around us,

being part of this impotent system,

choosing this impotent government that can’t protect us.

May your soul rest in peace !

And I am not sure where “God” is at this moment ? As Nasir Kazmi said

oh mere masroof khuda,

apni dunia dekh zara

Gujarat riots

If you have watched Aaj Tak yesterday, they claimed to have exposed everything about Gujarat riots and the very same people who were involved in doing all this are telling everything. There are soul stirring stories. What they did, a normal man can’t even think of doing. After watching that the picture becomes totally clear, leaving no doubts.

And the news about the same appears on rediff also. Then started peoples’ comments. Most of the public there is busy in supporting Modi and condemning Aaj Tak that why they have shown this. I just can’t understand why we can’t accept the fact. A bastard slit the abdomen of a pregnant women. What can be more horrible ? Do you think that a normal human being can do it ? Still people are supporting those people. There is crystal clear evidence in the videos that Modi said that do anything for 3 days, then I will stop it. I mean the CM of a state is saying this. How shameful. And people are taking it as a mean to tarnish the image of BJP, as elections are nearer. Does anything more needs to be done to the image of BJP ?

God save this country !


Dos and Don’ts in Delhi

It has been almost 11 months since I landed up in so called Delhi unki jaan [from city beautiful Chandigarh]. After having some experience here, I have been thinking of writing all the good and bad things, I have seen, in these 11 months. Well, will write about particular events some other time. Here what I am going to write is, few tips for the people who are new to Delhi or are planning to come to Delhi. Its in the form of dos and don’ts. I am just too lazy to do the segregation so it will be one after another, in no order, without thinking anything. Please bear with it 🙂

  • The very first thing, where ever you go – Bus stand, railway station or somewhere else, take care of your luggage, you never know when some one comes and clean sweeps you 🙁
  • For anything serious, don’t rely on anybody except in a case that you know the person before.
  • If you happen to be a Punjabi (Sardar, to be more specific), never ever hire a Sardar Auto-wala or Taxi-wala. He is going to take advantage of that brotherhood and charge you twice the normal rate. Thats one of the most bloody things, I have seen in Delhi.
  • If you use local buses to commute, be careful. Not to forget, they have been man eaters, there are other things too. There are hardly any drivers and conductors having a bit of sense that how to talk to somebody. And generally (if you aren’t lucky enough) there will be a hell lot of rush in the bus, and people of Delhi-man they have no sense at all. So better try to avoid falling in an argument with someone & more important, if he is doing too much then set him 🙂
  • Most probably you will be renting a house. Again be careful here. Check everything before renting. Make everything clear. Read the rent agreement carefully before signing it. And be a man – if you aren’t wrong anywhere, screw up the owner. Believe me, they can be brought on the right track, this way only. [Since I came here, this is the 4th house where I am staying. Out of 4, only 1 owner was good (he was very good, in fact) all others were [are] typical Delhites. First was an old lady, don’t ask about her, she needed money, money and money. Second was the man whom I said was very good. Third was a pretty boring, useless chap. When we left, had (or avoided ?) an argument with him. Now this one is also the very same, with no difference. It has been a month only. Lets see how the things go on.
  • If possible, find the accommodation near some metro line. Metro is one of the most beautiful things happened to Delhi. [You will feel proud, when you use it]. It will help you reach your place in least possible time, in AC and neat & clear manner. But on the negative side, still people have not learned, how to use Metro.

Well, thats all for now. I will keep on adding the useful stuff over here.

Best of Delhi’ing 🙂

Your comments, experiences are most welcome 🙂


Blurred Future…

Since last few weeks, North India is in news. First it was Punjab where a baba dressed like Guru Gobind Singh and said that I am distributing amrit to the people. This was nothing less than “hurting sentiments” of Sikhs. Being a Sikh himself, he knew it very well, still he did. The reason that was in air was that there are some cases registered against baba and congress made a deal that create “law and order” situation in Punjab if you want yourself to be safe from all those trials. What a shitty politics 🙁