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Quality of Service #fail

Me and my roomie went to KFC yesterday and ordered 2 burgers and a PEPSI & another drink (hey it was mango krusher 😀 , an overpriced mango shake in simple language 😉  ). There was not much rush but even then it took around 20 mins or so to get the order. I was just wondering that how the quality of service at these western outlets (I think, it holds true for some hi-fi Indian restaurants as well) like KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, mix veg style food courts etc etc sucks big time as compared to our very own desi dhabaz. It is almost a very regular thing that they will take good 15 mins to take your order, will take another half an hour to serve it and there are around 25% or so chances that they will not serve the right order. And never forget the time required to get the bill, pay it and get your card or balance back !

On the other side, take our very own dhabaz. Pretty good of them always have full halls to serve. Even then they manage to take everyone’s order in 5 mins, get back to you in another 5 and that too with the right order. I started my first job in Mohali and there was very famous Khalsa Dhaba in Phase 5. In the morning & evening it always used to be full and i can bet that you will never sit in waiting state and seeing that nobody is there to take your order, you have sabzi but not chapati etc etc. And one guy, after taking orders from 5 or 6 tables, will manage to get all the things right and also tell the guy sitting at the counter that on which table what order was served (including number of chapatiz !!!).

So what exactly makes this difference ? And the difference is not slight; it is huge ! For me personally, it gets even irritating to wait so much !

How i may assist you ? ;)

I and my roommate were checking the DDA housing scheme results on DDA website and it didn’t work. We put the application number but it didn’t accept. God knows what the heck was the problem.

Anyways there was something else more interesting. They have given a number on their website and we called that number and asked “We want to know about the DDA scheme results”. The voice from the other side said “Sir, this is Mcdonalds’ no, how i may assist you ?” 😀