I wanted to write this post in some different way but, just a change of mind. Now i will just post what i saw.

Today we went to the International Book Fair at Pragati Maidan. Few of the observations:

  1. At none of the gate it was mentioned that where the tickets were available and from which gate was the entry for book fair. As far as i am aware this information is not available online as well.
  2. After entering from the main gate there was no information about in what all halls book stalls were being hosted ?
  3. No single board telling what all publishers were there.
  4. There are maps near landmarks in the province (but some of them probably without “You are here” mark) telling about the locations of various halls but after reaching in front of a hall, you wont be able to tell anything about it as there is not a single board telling about its name or number.
  5. There was no question of any support staff being there/helping you.
  6. Least number of sign-boards so that you take the longest route for reaching from one place to another.
  7. Every possible eatable thing was over-priced. (An OK types paneer kulcha for Rs 40 and a plate of gol-gappas (6 pieces) for Rs 15).

May be i am missing something…for now…that is it !