How do you keep track of comments ?

For the people, who read a number of blogs, how exactly you keep track of comments you post and then their replies ? I find it really difficult to do job. It is kind of a manual stuff for me. I don’t see Subscribing to comments as a really good option as it would send mail after each and every comment on the post. Any better suggestions ?


  1. That’s a question I have tried to ask myself many a times. Good that you have posted it here, I too will be waiting for some good suggestions. I too don’t like subscribing to receiving comments via mail. I do have a list of blogs that I follow so visit th em from my Blogger Dashboard…that method is working quite properly till now 🙂

    • Keeping track of posts is fine. Google reader is pretty good at that. But keeping track of comments is really difficult. Lets see if someone comes up with something better !

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