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Called home and was talking to father saab. He told about a recent incident in our village. A husband & wife worked in the High School there. Husband retired sometime ago and he got few lakhs as his full & final amount. Their son who is a drug addict was demanding that money from his father. He said no to any money as he needed to get the two girls married off with that money. One day his son beat him up and hit him on the head. Probably due to that he lost his mental balance and one day committed suicide by jumping in front of the train. Villagers called the boy and first he denied to come and then came well dressed wearing black goggles. While giving the statement to Police he said “I am feeling stressed now, will record my statement after 2-3 days”.

This is the reality of Punjab today.


The complete title of the post is We Indians…

Most of the time there are cars parked in front of our apartment and there is very little space to enter the door to stairs. Today when i came back from office and was entering the apartment there was an uncle standing with his back leaning with one of the cars and doing something on his mobile. There was hardly any space left to cross. Me and 2 of my roommates had to cross but that uncle didn’t move a bit but was rather doing left and right to make some space in pretty much ignorance. A thought hit me that how egoistic (or stupid ? ) we Indians are ? Just few of the things i observe almost daily:

  1. The very first thing, the above example. What he would have lost if he had come out to give us some space to cross ? And this is not the only scenario. Its so common in our daily lives.
  2. While entering any office, mall or any other place, if there is a guard or some security staff asking us a question, see how hot our blood gets in fraction of moment whereas they just do their duty.
  3. In our daily lives, just observe how we talk to our maids, servants or the guys working on the shops where we go for getting our daily needs stuff ?
  4. We make a mistake on the road while driving and the other guy says something, how fast we come down to maan…bhain and my uncle is this and that.
  5. Similarly we violate a traffic rule and the traffic policy guy asks us few questions and issues a ticket. How we start making calls to someone sitting on a high post known to us ?

These are just few things that are coming to my mind right now. There would be so many of them. If you can think of some more, please leave a comment.

Then we say that we are the most humble, God fearing blah blah people on this planet. What is this then ?

The society – a bunch of bastards

I know i shouldn’t have used this word BUT even this is lighter than what they deserve to be called !

One of my friend got transferred from Bangalore to Noida. As moving from one city to another (that too with family) is a big issue so he also started all the efforts of settling in the new city. Initially he didn’t bring his family with him and started searching for a rented accommodation. And this very first thing started the frustration. These days you cant find a house without involving a property dealer and it brings with it 2 wonderful things:

First that you have to pay one month rent to the broker.

and second that broker charge the same amount (or some %age of it) from the owner also. Due to this the rents you are told are generally above the normal. Lets say owner tells the broker that i want to rent out my apartment for 10k. Broker will tell him, you just wait i will help in renting out for 12k. Now why owner would say no to this ? This is the level of honesty with profession they are doing.

Another speciality with brokers is that what they tell, out of that more than 90% are lies (they justify it as need of the profession !) They will give you  the time to show you the house. You might reach there covering some good 40-50 kms to see that his office is closed and phone switched off ! It is so common. You might have tasted this if ever tried looking for a rented apartment.

Now come to house owners. They want money. That is all. You live or die. They don’t know. In India we cry about so called great culture, humanity, blah blah…where is that ?

The lady whose house he rented uttered a lot that you can shift on sunday. Everything will be done by Sunday. It has already been 3 days. Nothing is done and above all she shows rudeness in her behaviour that why she should do it ? Bullshit !

My friend is a very punctual and true to words guy. You ask him to come at 1:55 and he will be there by 1:50 and people here ? what to say…no value of time, words…they tell something and do something and reality is something else…

Don’t know where we are heading ?

Do you still think “Honesty is the best policy ?”

It has been 2 weeks since he came here and everywhere (looking for house or anything else) we have met with just frustration nothing else ?

What to do ? Where to go ?