I go to Gurudwara, once in 2-3 months. That means I am not really a religious person. Period ! But from what I see around, I think people are way better. They go to Temple/Gurudwara/Mosque daily and some even twice in a day. But what leaves me wondering is the other side of  the coin. That is their behaviour in their lives. They are fully dedicated to these religious practices but when it comes to applying the teachings in their daily lives; NO…it is nowhere to be seen. And often I put this very same question to everyone who talks about this religious commitment thing and the answer is …but still…he does go to Gurdwara/Temple daily. I mean one doesn’t go for the sake of going. It is for your betterment, to learn to be good and do good. If you aren’t ready to follow what religion teaches then what is the use of going ? Are you trying to fool God ?