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Coffee…this time ;)

Once more…coffee…oops…its getting too much probably 😉 . This time we went to Barista 😀 . Getting seats was also a struggle. We had to get our name listed and he told us to wait for 15-20 mintues. The guy who was managing all this was almost a complete idiot, so the first impression was not so good 😉 . We were three guys. After getting the seats, we ordered 2 hot and 1 cold Cappuccino (Oh yes, this time also i googled for spells 😉 ). After some time he got 2 cups; in one cup something hot and cold in the other one. We were surprised to see the third cup missing but just waited. It was not Cappuccino actually, as we rightly guessed (What i was dead sure was that Cappuccino, at least contained some milk 😉 ). By the time we were done with this, he got the actual order. So we started enjoying the coffee we had ordered :P. By the time we finished it, i decided to screw him up and ask for the feedback form if he added that wrong-order-on-our-table stuff in our bill. But but but…he charged only for the right order and we spared him from the not-so-good feedback 😉

Is it served cold ?

I almost count myself in the so called desi janta, not much aware of the ultra-modern lifestyle.  But it has happened twice in a week that with friends,  i went to CCD to have some coffee 😀 . First it was 2-3 days back and then today again. To avoid falling in much complexity, both the times i ordered Cappuccino (yes, i used Google for the spells 😉 ). But due to some reason, both the times it was served cold not hot. So today i was just wondering, may be there is something i am not aware of and it is served cold only; not that hot as i expected ? Any clues ? 😀