Day: January 24, 2010

Shopping grrrrrrrr….

Note: This post is the result of the frustration coming from a failed shoopping attempt that took almost the whole day 🙁 .

I had to buy a pair of sports shoes. So attempts for that have been going on since last few months 😀 . Today was just another attempt with some hope but it failed miserably. Now it has been few months, I guess and many places in Delhi and all the main brands ie Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma but I haven’t got a decent pair of shoes. Don’t know there is nothing available in the market or there is something seriously stupid with my choice. People love it but for me, in general, shopping is a really tough exercise, specially when it needs to be done in a time frame. Like there comes a marriage next week and comes a need to get a new shirt. I haven’t been much successful in all such endeavors. But yes, many times I have got good stuff while visiting some mall without any specific shopping ideas. So folks, not much stuff to write. Just wanted to release some frustration 😛 . But seriously, these days buying some decent clothes is becoming really tough. Leave proper formals, otherwise decent clothes are hard to find. India is running really fast in this fashion (wearing some seriously not-so-decent clothes is fashion, no ? 😉 ) lane !!!

How do you keep track of comments ?

For the people, who read a number of blogs, how exactly you keep track of comments you post and then their replies ? I find it really difficult to do job. It is kind of a manual stuff for me. I don’t see Subscribing to comments as a really good option as it would send mail after each and every comment on the post. Any better suggestions ?