Have you ever observed that the feeling of slavery (in Indians) has not completely gone ? It still runs in our blood. That pleasing-the-master feeling, habits and the nature just don’t away. Being in corporate sector, I can relate it to so many things happening daily. Just few of the common observations:

  • How difficult it is to say NO to your boss ?
  • How comfortable most of the people are in expressing their “personal life” needs ?
  • How much buttering-of-the-boss happens in most of the companies ?
  • How we never say NO to the client because he pays us !
  • How we are made to work on Saturdays, Sundays and late evenings and we don’t have the guts to say NO !
  • How we don’t have the guts to call a wrong a wrong !
  • How stupidly we think that if we don’t agree to what the guy sitting in front of us says, he will feel bad !

And so many other things. Is there a hope that India would get rid of all this ?