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I go to Gurudwara, once in 2-3 months. That means I am not really a religious person. Period ! But from what I see around, I think people are way better. They go to Temple/Gurudwara/Mosque daily and some even twice in a day. But what leaves me wondering is the other side ofย  the coin. That is their behaviour in their lives. They are fully dedicated to these religious practices but when it comes to applying the teachings in their daily lives; NO…it is nowhere to be seen. And often I put this very same question to everyone who talks about this religious commitment thing and the answer is …but still…he does go to Gurdwara/Temple daily. I mean one doesn’t go for the sake of going. It is for your betterment, to learn to be good and do good. If you aren’t ready to follow what religion teaches then what is the use of going ? Are you trying to fool God ?


  1. mama sach mane taan appan rabb nu moorkh banoun hi jaane aa .. Teq ke 5 rupaye matha appan lakhan croran mang laine aa :p mera bapu kehnda rabb ton sohni jehi vohti mang laa main keha bholya je oh sohni vohti ohde kol hundi oh rabb thodi hona c :p

  2. Even i feel the same.I have seen people around me who are bloody selfish in their daily life and they are jealous of progress made by others.They even try to pull people down so that they can remain on top.And at the end of the day before they go to sleep they will say “JAI MATA DI” ………..Bas ho gaya kaam….They will repeat the same the next day…

  3. I go to Gurudwara very often, what i have seen that people goin to these religious places are more corrupt of heart than people not going. The most worst thing is that the jathedars, pandits of mandirs all do just for money.

    I met a pandit last year , he was on work permit here, from bangalore, Here he was called by Mandir Staff, he had given house, mobile, and all other stuff by mandir administration. He was having his visiting cards. I asked him how much u get per month, he said 700$ and from people approx 1000$ (other money). He was happy that he is saving all the money. Sabb Maaya hai.

    All is done for money in these places. The main thing that hurts me that why money comes in between our Guru and us. In sikh religion also we have to submit some money before we pray (In gholak). whyyy

    i can write more.. leave this..

    • bai eh dunia mandi paise di…har cheez vikendi bha sajna…lokan ne rab de naa nu b vikau karta…jive Debi kehnda…je kite nazrin pai jaavein…tainu lah ke koi apna deiye bitha rabba…

  4. You hit the nail on the head, Gurudwara/Temple is like a school, learn good things and implement those good things in your life

    We can not fool god, we are fooling ourselves by not learning anythinig, and repeating the same mistakes time and again

  5. Very well said! People these days only tend to pay lip-service to God. They think they can be called ‘religious’ just by their visiting Gurudwara daily. But if we cannot put to use the religious principles in our daily life then all this of no use.
    God resides in our hearts, so we need to follow our conscience. Generally what people do is they utter lies too frequently, don’t care even a fig for feelings of others, do all sorts of evil tasks but still…go to gurudwara daily. My question to all those people is: When did religion teach you this? Is religion is only paying a ceremonial visit to a religious place?…
    When will people wake up???
    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post.

    • Amritbir,

      Thanks for stopping by and Welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

      I don’t call myself very religious as I probably don’t do what we are supposed to do. But this hypocrisy really drives me mad and it has altogether changed the meaning of being religious. I think, by going to Gurudwara in the morning, they feel like taking rights of doing anything for the whole day. We are fooling ourselves, nothing else !

  6. human isn’t perfect.

    ideally and theorically, people with good knowledge of religion should be able to apply it on their daily life activities. true ! but theory sometimes cant be applied in a perfect way in life.

    personally, i dont see this as a part of hypocrisy, but it’s a part of the effort/process that a person does to get closed to God. well, it might take a lifetime to learn about religion’s thingy and be more consistent to it, for sure. every people has their own faith’s level and will never know what will they get/be in this kind of process. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Being not-perfect is totally understandable. But the people whom I am talking about are not out of them. They do it for the sake of doing and pretend to show (to themselves) that everything they are doing is all right. It is like fooling self by thinking that God is not watching us !

  7. ” They do it for the sake of doing and pretend to show (to themselves) that everything they are doing is all right ”

    so this is one of the example of non-perfect human characteristic or not, Sidhu ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I thin ksome people are just hypocrites… they obviously don’t practice what they preach. One question is some amritdhari, not all, will question about the caste system when it comes to marrying their kids. Well as far as I know, I don’t follow my religion closely, that gurus did all this to clear up this caste system so we all can be equal. but in every village there are gurdawaras for jatt’s seprately and for lower classes seperatly. Women should be treated equally and some men that go to temple on daily basis think the ” aurat pair di jhutti hai….”. So i think people are bunch of hypocrites…

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