Again, it has been really long since I did my last post 😉 . Actually tried writing something many times but couldn’t complete it. Sometimes you just aren’t able to complete a post. Ohhh this is the first post of the new year so very very happy new year to everybody coming here (Better late than never 😉 ). This post should be about the new things and resolutions for the new year 😉 . Well, a major change is that my job has changed and the new one is much more demanding (as compared to the previous one 😉 ).  So these days I am having the real feeling of working in IT sector 😉 . And it is one of the reasons that I am not able to give that much time to blogging. Talking about the resolutions, I think the first should be  that I should write more often on the blog 😉 . Ooops…again nothing much to write…so, before adding any more crap, this post should be terminated here 😀 . Will see you more often, this year 🙂 ! Promise !