Greetings !!!

Seneca, a world renowned Roman historian and a great philosopher (I century AD) has truly said “As the soil, however rich it may be cannot be productive without cultivation, so the mind without culture can never produce good fruit.”

Does it imply a person or a nation without culture cannot achieve zenith in its life. Just give an internal thought, how many people without any permanent identity are world famous ? Some people oftenly say what culture is ? Is it not equivalent to an archaic cliché which is just repeated by some humans who are either idle or hard liners.

The answer is “No it is not”. As Andre Malraux (A French Historian and Novelist) has said “Culture is the sum of all the forms of art, of love, and of thought, which, in the coarse or centuries, have enabled man to be less enslaved”

So if India had a culture how was it enslaved and ruled by so many foreign aliens who not only blowed up humanity but also enjoyed the ruthless and gruesome seasons while enjoying the gratitudes of our own soil inmates.

The reason lies in this short description. The first letter which was sent by Lord Hilary who was sent by Britishers to access the feasibility of attacking and ruling India, mentioned the reason. Hilary gave The Queen a gimmick which later on helped the Britishers to rule India for more than a century. He said “I have traveled the depth and breadth of the whole world and I have never seen a rich country like India .I have found this country an amazing collage of different cultures and religions. I have not seen even a single person begging. It’s such a rich country that even if we value just the gold of each house in India, it is richer than whole British empire. The only way we can make them slaves is that we have to attack at its backbone, the culture which connects the whole of India. (This letter is still present in Jawahar lal Nehru Museum, Delhi for public display).

That’s what precisely they did. They decided on “divide and conquer”. They found some easy preys to English culture, equipped them with some British amenities and facilities and win them up to come under the queen. And the story goes on and on till one century.

Feeling Shocked ? Amazed ? Appaled ? or just simply lost……

The times are no different now. Similar kinds of attacks are going on the reverential cultures of India. These are not explicit as of olden days, these attacks are softly packed and targeted sometimes unintentionally. The wars are fought coldly through easier mediums like web and telecom. This BLOG is to generate some awareness about one of the greatest cultures ever existed on earth: PUNJABIAT

What I am suggesting by a cultured man or cultured nation is “Culture is roughly anything we do and the monkeys don’t.” Lord Raglan.

Welcome to our blog world. A web based platform where we would be chasing (and achieving) the whole mission to play our part in creating awareness about Punjabi language and culture. We will try to write one post a day at least, concerning one or another aspect of Punjabi language and culture.

We are not agnostic towards Hindi,English or French neither we are perpetrators of any hard liner organization with deep political interests and vested motives. We are just one of the herald torch bearer of Punjabiat who are vehemently opposed to the death of our own culture :Our own identity : Our own Mother tongue !!!

UNESCO has reported that Punjabi language will disappear in coming 50 years. Doesn’t that ring any bells ? There is so much of stuff being discussed about Punjabi like being at the top, being popular and so on. Then why such a report that this language will disappear ? Well the truth is that Punjabi is being used (or abused ?) to earn money. It’s not being promoted in its original flavor and form. We need to make people aware of the true form of culture and language of likes of Guru Nanak, Bulle Shah, Baba Farid, Waris Shah and all of us.

Looking at the present situation, Punjabi seems to be the most celebrated and profoundly coveted language in India and on International stage, courtesy belongs to Punjabi Music. But is it really going global or is simply getting diluted ? Are Punjabis really proud of recogninsing themselves as Punjabis or they fear their children talking in Punjabi ? Do people in Punjab really value their culture or they are simply boggled by the American and Canadian luxuries and gifts ? Are Punjabis really enjoying their cultures and ethos or are they simply allured by the naked gyrating American dancers on their own Punjabi channels on the Punjabi beat ? Are Punjabis really celebrating their traditions and festivals or they are simply treating those special days as another reason to hang out in disc.

We are ready to give a truly independent and fair platform to evaluate all these moot points. This platform can also be shared by people who may not be Punjabis or Indians but the only criteria being a fair discussion, be it on any side, any topic but related to culture. So be a part of the discussion and keep the thread going.

I hope everybody will do his very best to save our mother tongue !

Long live Punjabiat !