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Jag Jeondian De Mele – Movie Review

aakhir mainu mauka lag gia Jag Jeondian De Mele dekhan da. is movie ch sab ton wakhri gal k Harbhajan Mann ne pehli wari kise alag director naal movie kiti hai. bilkul use taran movie b alag hai. kahani b alag, actor b alag te nateeja b wadia . Harbhajan Maan di acting b pehlan naalo alag te wadia hai. ik bilkul navi kahani hon karke man mohndi hai film. Ghuggi done role bahut sohne nibhaunda te baki actor b apne apne kam ch khare uttare ne.

iko cheez jihdi mainu galat laggi oh hai k wich wich glamour dikhaun di koshish kiti gai hai jo k bahut galat hai te sakhti naal nindi jaani chahidi hai. kyon ki ik wari eh kharab hoya fer pata nahi kithe ja ke rukna hai. sanu lod nahi es cheez di bas movie changi honi chahidi…use raste te chal ke punjabiat da bhala ho sakda…


Well, in my second attempt, finally i managed to watch the full movie. First the famous statement about the movie: it exposes the realities of fashion world. Period.

Now as a movie, the first 1 hours is almost crap. People either are over-acting or not acting at all. It gets little better after 1 hour. In the acting department Kangana Ranaut does pretty well. Priyanka Chopra is ok types. Raj Babbar has a very small role to play. For the whole 2 hours 45 mins, i was thinking, when the heck its gonna end ? So you can think for yourself how good it is ? I won’t rate it more than 2 out of 5.

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