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Give peace a chance in 2014

meharbaan ho ke bula lo mujhe chaaho jis waqt,
main gaya waqt nahi hoon ke phir aa bhi na sakoon
– Mirza Ghalib

(Turning kind towards me, call me back any time you want;
I am not like the time bygone that cannot be recalled*)

*Translation from Love Sonnets of Ghalib by Sarfaraaz Niazi

As Mirza nausha said “ke phir aa bhi na sakoon”  the year 2013 is about to say good bye and it would never come back. Personally for me new year isn’t something that grand of a celebration time but it does signify a unit of time; one more year has ended. Of course there would be many disappointments everyone of us faced in the last year but here is a chance to look forward to new hopes and opportunities in the new year.

Like last year and last to last year’s post this year again I would pray for peace in this world. Although scientists claim that we are going through the most peaceful times in the history of man kind but still the violence all around us is heart breaking. Thousands of people are losing their lives in suicide attacks, bomb blasts, wars and so on. We must not gift this violent planet to our upcoming generations. Everyone of us must work for peace in whatever way we can. Hope this year brings a new hope for peace and humanity.

As Bashir Badr saab has said:

saat sandookon mein bhar kar dafan kar do nafartein,
aaj insaan ko muhabbat ki zaroorat hai bahut

Here is wishing you a very happy new year 2014 ! Have fun !


I remember writing a similar post exactly 1 year ago.

Today again I will just wish for the same.

May the sufferings and pains of this world end.

May it be a more peaceful place.

But we need to do a lot before we reach there. In the words of Faiz sahab

humne maana jung kari hai sar footenge, khoon bahega,

khoon mein gham bhi beh jayenge…

Aameen !

Happy New Year 2012

waqt rehta nahi kahin tik kar, iski aadat bhi aadmi si hai – Gulzar in Marasim
(time has an attitude like that of a man…it doesn’t stop anywhere…)

…so another year is gone and we are welcoming the new year 2012. In most parts of the world, the first sun of 2012 has already risen. 2011 was an year of mixed emotions. Along with the personal & professional achievements & happiness, this year snatched from us legends like Jagjit Singh & many others. Also this year was marked with political turbulence in many parts of the world. Many innocent lives were lost.

In India, we saw a big change when people came on the streets to challenge the way governance was being done. It sparked a ray of hope of some betterment. Hope 2012 brings even more, people get their long lost rights and the administrators are held accountable for the goof ups that have become so frequent.

For me, on the blogging front it was a lazy year; could write very few posts. I will try to be more frequent in blogging in the new year 2012.

I am ending this post on a sad note with this song by Legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:


I hope the answer to the question asked in the song is 2012. Hope it marks the end of pain & suffering of the innocents in this world. Hope everyone gets justice.

A very very happy and prosperous new year to you and your loved ones. Hope you achieve all that you ever desired for. Stay blessed !


Again, it has been really long since I did my last post 😉 . Actually tried writing something many times but couldn’t complete it. Sometimes you just aren’t able to complete a post. Ohhh this is the first post of the new year so very very happy new year to everybody coming here (Better late than never 😉 ). This post should be about the new things and resolutions for the new year 😉 . Well, a major change is that my job has changed and the new one is much more demanding (as compared to the previous one 😉 ).  So these days I am having the real feeling of working in IT sector 😉 . And it is one of the reasons that I am not able to give that much time to blogging. Talking about the resolutions, I think the first should be  that I should write more often on the blog 😉 . Ooops…again nothing much to write…so, before adding any more crap, this post should be terminated here 😀 . Will see you more often, this year 🙂 ! Promise !