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Te whole purpose of this blog is to play our part in creating awareness about saving Punjabi language and culture. We would contribute whatever little we can. UNESCO has reported that Punjabi language will disappear in 50 years. If such a thing happens we would have no right to live ! So its the time to wake up and save our mother tongue ! Also see the Welcome page.

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  1. p v raj shekhar

    May 1, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    Very nice Amardeep. I am from Hyderabad, with little interest in gazals and chanced upon your blog. But now I am really feel of something more than gazals alone. I also share your concern that Panjabi may become extinct in another 50-100 years and its true for all Indian languages except for Hindi. I know Odiya and telugu and frequently hear tamil and Kannada. None of these languages are spoken in their purity, all have mixed mostly english in their day to day use. Hope our languages will not become like Sanskrit, struggling to survive with few people. My appreciation to you. Like Narendar Kohli (hindi writer)when language dies, a whole world of philosophy, way of life, a rich history and a civilisation dies. My appreciation to your efforts and best of luck.

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