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Some things are just not meant to work

Some things are just not meant to work the way you want them to. I mean no matter how much you try, you can never get some things to work.

This PC that I got almost 3 years back I think is one of such items. First I wanted to buy a powerful machine with at least 8 Gigs of RAM. Problem at that time was very few motherboards supported 8 Gigs. Finally selected all the components and got it assembled. It included a very expensive Microsoft wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

The first signs of illness were shown by keyboard itself when it didn’t work and had to get it replaced.

Then second issue was that it kept rebooting randomly. Tried different versions of Windows but same story every time. Finally after some R&D I came to know that there was some problem with the motherboard. Got a new motherboard and it worked ok for few months.

Now the problem was that Windows would hang randomly and the only option was to reset the PC. I could never solve that problem but became almost sure that it had something to do with hardware. May be the components weren’t compatible or something.

Then twice or thrice power supply unit got screwed up. Fed up of all this I got an expensive one, Corsair power supply. Even that got blasted once but the one that I got after replacement has been working fine till date (touchwood).

Now it was monitor’s turn. It started giving some flicker problem. The screen keeps going on and off randomly. Again looks like some hardware shit.

The only thing that didn’t give problems was UPS (an APC one). Recently it also started complaining about battery. Got the battery replaced but still it doesn’t work properly.

Oh I think I forgot that there was one incident with hard disk also where it developed some bad sectors and had to be replaced.

This whole thing wasn’t meant to work ! No ?

Dussehra street

The Dussehra celebrations at the place where we live in Delhi are pretty huge. The local residents arrange a big function every year where there some local singer is called for performance and then there is burning of the effigies of Ravana. In our language there is a kind of mela where there are many stalls for different type of food, toys for children and more.

Looking from the 3rd floor balcony the scene in the street looked somewhat like:

  • Stage for Dussehra celebrations is being set. People have started gathering in the street.
  • All the locality residents are participating in the rituals as if burning effigy of Ravana is going to get rid of all the problems in the life. Though half of them have been fighting over ‘i-will-park-my-car-here’ issues an hour ago.
  • Rehri walas are also finding places to set up their stalls. For them today is the day to earn more than what they can daily.
  • Some homeless poor children are also roaming around thinking they might get to eat something without paying anything. Today is the festival of winning of good over bad, after all.
  • Our neighbor aunty is worried that space in front of their house might get occupied by someone. Then where would his (idiot) husband park his car ? So she has asked a rehri wala to park his rehri there to keep that space occupied. Of course till her husband comes and has to park his car.
  • We also tried gol-gappas from a rehri wala but they were not good Sad smile . So now back home and just standing in balcony observing all this.
  • The music is going on in full swing. Some politician also seems to be present on the occasion. After all it is election time in Delhi dude.
  • We hear the crackers are being fired. Seems Ravana is being burned. Hope it will end all the evil in our society.
  • It is 9:15 PM. Most of the rehri walas are gone now.
  • It is almost 10 PM. The street looks empty now but is full of litter. Hopefully someone would clean the street tomorrow. It looks really dirty !





  • It has been 2 weeks to all these celebrations but the evil is still there. Newspaper are full of such terrible news. Seems this year again burning Ravana didn’t work Sad smile.
  • Hope it does next year !

Who What Where :(

Day before yesterday morning, while coming back from office after doing a night lost my wallet somewhere. Man it is so disturbing. Firstly due to the loss of so many important things and secondly due the feeling of carelessness i am getting that i couldn’t take care of it and lost it somewhere like this. Absolutely no clues how and where it happened but i am feeling so so bad about it 🙁 .

Another cause of headache for last two weeks have been finding a new accommodation. So many things related to this one suck, so we have been planning to change it since long. Finally when some stuff got out of control, we had to take the decision and start the hunt. Man it is such a shitty job. Finally after 2 weeks or so and compromising a bit on our choice and all, finalized one and will be shifting by this month end.

On the little better side, finally managed to watch Rajneeti yesterday night. A good movie after pretty long time. Nana Patekar, Manoj Bajpai and especially Ranbir Kapoor gave brilliant performances. Katrina did a pretty nice job too. A good enjoyment overall.

Looks like an incomplete post 😉 . Not much to write, just hoping for the things to be in little better order in coming time 🙂 .

Crap Unlimited ;)

It has been really long since I last posted on this blog (Last post was on 14th Oct, so we can safely assume that it has been actually pretty long 😛 ). Title of the post explains pretty much of the stuff and this post may also appear to be the same ie crap :D. Not much stuff to write but yes a lot of, to tell that why this long gap. There was so much of crap to see in last one month or so. First it was the RnD to buy a new Computer and then not being able to buy it because of unavailability of one component or the another. Finally when i succeeded in buying it and came back home, the keyboard & mouse was found to be used and defective. So had to go back immediately and get a new one. Not a good start probably. Then started the struggle of installing some OS. Not a big deal but another beauty to see that the system kept rebooting randomly. Tried switching OSes but to no avail. Then started adding, removing, adding again, removing again the RAM sticks and so on some 100 times 😉 . Again no results and the focus shifted to motherboard. Finally it was declared that there was something fishy with the motherboard and it was the cause of this reboot thing. Did and made some people do some real good RnD and decided to buy another motherboard that supported the hardware properly. So went to Nehru Place and some dishoom dishoom with the dealer and finally succeeded in getting a new different motherboard. Now things should look good. Oh yes, the problem of rebooting was gone but Windows stared freezing randomly, again without any pattern or logic. So now what ? I was just thinking that what could be the game that noticed something crappy with the Hard disk. Ran some utilities and they told that the end of the hard disk was near 😉 . Oh noooooo. Time to replace even the hard disk. So again went to the dealer. Explained him the issue (That this particular SMART attribute of HDD is not ok…heavy stuff 😉 ). And he asked me to go to Seagate service center and submit it. Man it was like a kerosene distribution depot in India. So many people in queue to submit their defective disks (And from there you can pretty much guess the quality, Seagate is delivering these days 😉 ). Finally after a week or so, got a new refurbished (yea, refurbished, not brand new 🙁 ) Hard disk, installed  it and i guess (yea guess 😉 ) it seems to work fine. Windows did freeze once or twice initially but since then it has not shown those strains. Does that mean that the crap has ended ? You never know ! Hopefully, it has ;).

& I am going to be regular again, again hopefully ;).

Why ?

Why does it happen that:

  1. You feel like calling some of your friends and none of them picks your call.
  2. You feel like meeting some of them and they are either busy or gone out of station.
  3. You are alone on a long weekend; your mind seems to get stuck and out of order.
  4. You think a lot but are hardly able to do a thing.
  5. You plan about going somewhere the next day but the next day is also as crappy as yesterday.
  6. When nothing seems to work you turn to blog posting :P.