daag-e-dil humko yaad aane lage

Pakistan’s great ghazal singer Iqbal Bano passed away today in Lahore. May her soul rest in peace. Here is a small tribute to the great singer in the form of a wonderful ghazal sung by her. The poet is Baqi Siddiqui.

daag-e-dil humko yaad aane lage
log apne diye jalane lage

khud farebi si khud farebi hai
paas ke dhol b suhaane lage

ab to hota hai har qadam pe gumaan
hum yeh kaisa qadam uthane lage

ek pal mein wahan se hum uthe
baithne mein yahan zamane lage

Few more stanzas not sung by her in this mehfil (taken from here):

kuch na pakar bhi mutmain hain
ishq mein haath kya khazane lage
(mutmain=Appeased, Quiescent)

apni qismat se hai maqar kisko
teer par ka ke bhi nishaane lage


  1. i think its “Apni qismat se hy MAFUR kisko” Mafur means “faraar” (not sure) and in the end its “teer par ur kay bhi nishanay lagay”.

  2. its not “wahan” its “baithnay main JAHAN zamanay lagay”

  3. Thanks for uploading. Thanks also to those who made corrections.

  4. Thank you for doing a great job!!!! Here are the complete ghazal lyrics….
    Daagh-e-Dil Hum ko yaad ane lage
    Logg apne diye jalaane lage

    Kuch na paa kar bhi mutma’en hain Hum
    Ishq mein haath kya khazaane lage

    yehi rasta hai ab yehi manzil
    ab yehein dil kisi bahane lage

    Khud fareybi si Khud fareybi hai
    Paas k dhol bhi suhaane lage

    Ab to hota hai har qadam pe gumaan
    Hum ye kysa qadam uthaane lage

    Is badalte hue zamaney mein
    Tere qissey bhi kuch puraane lage

    Rukh badalne laga fasaane ka
    Logg mehfil se uth k jaane lage

    Ek pal mein hum wahan se uthe
    Baithne mein jahan zamaane lage

    Apni kismat se hai mufer kis ko?
    Teer par urr k bhi nishaane lage

    Hum taka aye, na aaye mousam-e-gul
    Kuch parinde to chehchahaane lage

    Shaam ka waqt ho gaya Baaqi’…!
    Bastiyon se sharaar aane lage…’

    Daagh-e-Dil Hum ko yaad ane lage
    Logg apne diye jalaane lage

  5. could any one explain these lines to me.. i m fail to understand these..
    “apni qismat se hai mufer kis ko
    teer par urr k bhi nishaane lge”

  6. Add to nadee reply, even the target may hit the arrow.

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