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mitti da bawa isn’t written by Shiv

Folk songs can be centuries old. They are passed from one generation to another. Many times, the areas of origin are known but who wrote it remains unknown. Yesterday I was in a ClubHouse room and someone sang mitti da bawa (Originally sung by Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh). She also mentioned that it is written by Shiv. I had my doubts as Shiv was a recent poet and such a thing would of course be documented somewhere. I checked his complete poetry collection and as expected it was not there. That led me to turn to Google and all over the internet it was the same information that it has been written by Shiv.

Today I got a chance to spend some more time on this and came to know that it was originally recorded for a movie called Diva Bale Sari Raat. The movie was made by Harpal Tiwana and Chitra Singh sung it for that movie. The music was done by Jagjit Singh. The movie audio album covers attribute the lyrics to Harpal Tiwana. But it is well known that these lines are part of a lori and they are very old. This video by Deepti Naval mentions that it is a Balochistan folk song. So it could have been a omission on their part to not accurately attribute it. I put the same question to Amardeep Gill (Punjabi lyricist, poet and filmmaker) and he also confirmed that it is almost a century old folk. So it is very much a part of Punjabi Folk and most definitely not written by Shiv.

What I couldn’t understand is how could it have been attributed to Shiv in the first place. Shiv did write a poem with a similar title but it is different and goes like “sajjan ji asi’b mittRi de baawe”

pehle to apne dil ki raza jaan jaiye

Beautiful words and sung equally beautifully sung by Jagjit & Chitra Singh

pehle to apne dil ki raza jaan jaiye
phir jo nigah-e-yaar kahe maan jaiye

(raza – will, desire)

pehle mizaaj-e-rahguzar jaan jaiye
phir gard-e-raah jo bhi kahe maan jaiye

(mizaaj – temperament, rahguzar – path. gard – dirt, raah – street)

kuch keh rahi hain aapke seene ki dhadkanein
mera nahi to dil ka kaha maan jaiye

Few websites have written this as “meri sunein ton dil ka kaha maan jaiye” but Jagjit & Chitra and Noorjehan has sung it as “mera nahi to dil ka kaha maan jaiye” only.

ek dhoop si jami hai nigaahon ke aas paas
ye aap hain to aap pe qurbaan jaiye

shayad huzoor se koi nisbat hamein bhi ho
aankhon mein jhaank kar hamein pehchaan jaiye

(nisbat – relation, affinity)

पहले तो अपने दिल की रज़ा जान जाइये
फिर जो निगाह-ए-यार कहे मान जाइये

पहले मिज़ाज-ए-रहगुज़र जान जाइये
फिर गर्द-इ-राह जो भी कहे मान जाइये

कुछ कह रही हैं आपके सीने की धडकनें
मेरा नहीं तो दिल का कहा मान जाइये

एक धुप सी जमी है निगाहों के आस पास
ये आप हैं तो आप पे कुर्बान जाइये

शायद हुज़ूर से कोई निस्बत हमें भी हो
आँखों में झाँक कर हमें पहचान जाइये



dekha jo aaina to mujhe sochna pada

dekha jo aaina to mujhe sochna pada
khud se na mil saka to mujhe sochna pada

uska jo khat mila to mujhe sochna pada
apna sa woh laga to mujhe sochna pada

mujhko tha yeh gumaan ke mujhi mein hai ik ana
dekhi teri ana to mujhe sochna pada

(ana – ego, self)

dunia samjh rahi thi ke naraz mujhse hai
lekin woh jab mila to mujhe sochna pada

ik din woh mere aib ginaane laga ‘Farag’
jab khud hi thak gaya to mujhe sochna pada

(aib – fault, vice)

देखा जो आइना तो मुझे सोचना पड़ा
खुद से ना मिल सका तो मुझे सोचना पड़ा

उसका जो ख़त मिला तो मुझे सोचना पड़ा
अपना सा वो लगा तो मुझे सोचना पड़ा

मुझको था यह गुमान के मुझी में है इक अना
देखी तेरी अना तो मुझे सोचना पड़ा

दुनिया समझ रही थी के नाराज़ मुझसे है
लेकिन वो जब मिला तो मुझे सोचना पड़ा

इक दिन मेरे वो मेरे ऐब गिनाने लगा ‘फराग’
जब खुद ही थक गया तो मुझे सोचना पड़ा