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India Lockdown – Day 11

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There are so many discussions about how the world is going to change post Covid-19. I don’t think anything is going to change. Of course there are going to be economical and related effects but in a general sense, the world is too ruthless to change. Once the situation becomes normal, everything will be as it was. That is the sad part.

In India, the the number of infected people who attended the Tablighi event is increasing. The first part that has gone wrong is that if it was known that such a gathering was there, timely action should have been taken. Now that all of it has happened, people should cooperate and come forward on their own and get tested. Just imagine the havoc it is going to create if all the places where the folks went back to enter the community spread phase.

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India Lockdown – Day 10

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So today evening the UrbanClap guy turned up with the part. Replaced it quickly and it is all good. But now wifey has put the RO in quarantine. So still living on the water ordered from the water delivery guy. I had the impression that Kent stuff was good but this one has turned out to be a pain. Every few months it has an issue. Such shitty stuff.

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India Lockdown – Day 9

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So today was the UrbanClap day and the timing was 1 PM. There were no updates till 1 but then got a call that can we reschedule it to 4:30. I said ok. There is no other option really. Then got a message that it has been rescheduled to 3rd Apr, 9:30 AM. There you go ! But got a call around 4 and that guy actually turned up. Wow !

But the society guys didn’t allow him to enter, so another issue. I think they are doing their job to restrict the movement of people as much as possible. Fair enough. So finally removed the RO and took it to the main gate of the society. He did some inspection and suspected that there was some problem with the adapter. AND he didn’t have the part. So he says that will get it and come tomorrow again.

Fingers crossed !

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India Lockdown – Day 8

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These Tablighi guys have messed it up big time. There are hundreds of Covid-19 positive cases being reported from the group and it has made total India numbers go past 2000. Now the blame game has started and it would be difficult to know whose mistake it was. But given the kind of mixed crowd that was there, much more alertness was needed. And their behaviour, after they were evacuated, was also in the news for all the not so good reasons. All such mistakes and it will make it increasing difficult for the country to contain the spread.

About the RO problem, so today got another call from some RO service company saying you had registered a complaint. Then i remembered that yes i did. This was some local RO service company that i had called while trying to get someone to fix it. I called, registered the request and no one called back. So i also forgot. So there was another ray of hope. But this guy also didn’t turn up. Same problem. Can’t enter from Delhi to Noida. He said that he will try tomorrow but i know nothing is gonna happen.

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India Lockdown – Day 7

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So finally the UrbanClap guy called and said that he will come. Some good news ! But…another call after few hours that he needs to come from Delhi and most of the borders are sealed and no one is being allowed to enter from Delhi to Noida. Back to UrbanClap customer care. They said we will just reschedule it and see if we can get someone from Noida. Rescheduled to 2nd April. Let’s see.

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