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India Lockdown – Day 16

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It was a really busy day in office. Problem with Work from Home is that you end up working for many more number of hours. If you are in office, it ends at some time but when you are at home, you are always around your laptop and one or another things keeps popping up.

But another aspect that has become clear due to this lockdown is that so many people can actually work from home and there is really no need for them to go to office. Some companies just don’t want to give this flexibility to their employees. Enabling work from home for some employees, even on alternate days can help in a lot of things especially traffic. Also it saves the travel time for people and people can utilize that time for their personal stuff.

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India Lockdown – Day 15

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Since yesterday health guys are visiting each flat in the society, inquiring about the details like how many people are living in the house, if anyone has returned from any other city/country recently. Collecting data is good. Makes things easier in case there are any issues reported from the area. Also the UP govt took the decision to enforce stricter version of lockdown at all places that are hotspots. In those areas, the movement will be very very restricted and people will not be allowed to go out unless there is an emergency. Another way to contain the spread.

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India Lockdown – Day 14

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The total number of cases in India is touching 5000. One thing that i noticed is that very few people are recovering. Don’t know what are the reasons. The handling of this crisis by the govt agencies have been reasonably good. Of course, there have been and still there are issues but there have been improvement especially in the things related to home delivery of groceries and vegetables, delivery of ration to the needy and providing food to the people who need it the most. Govt agencies as well as other charitable and social organizations have been doing good work on this front. There are still many challenges as our overall system is not so organized and disciplined. So those issues still remain.

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India Lockdown – Day 13

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The number of cases on India is still on increase. The authorities are trying to do all the contact tracing and find the people who could possibly be infected. It is still manageable at these levels. But if the numbers continue to increase like this, the scene is going to get worse. Hope things remain in control.

The RO is out of quarantine. It has been cleaned and fixed back. All looks good for now. Let’s see how it goes.

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India Lockdown – Day 12

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Today after many days, went out to get some vegetables. Very few people out there and most of them were wearing some kind of masks. The quality of stuff out there is not so good. May be the limited supply is causing this problem. Otherwise it seems most of the people have adjusted to the need of the times. Society guys have also been trying to enforce the lockdown religiously. Initially, people kind of resisted the idea of not coming out and no walking here and there but now there is hardly anyone seen moving around without an aim. Good for us !

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