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These Tablighi guys have messed it up big time. There are hundreds of Covid-19 positive cases being reported from the group and it has made total India numbers go past 2000. Now the blame game has started and it would be difficult to know whose mistake it was. But given the kind of mixed crowd that was there, much more alertness was needed. And their behaviour, after they were evacuated, was also in the news for all the not so good reasons. All such mistakes and it will make it increasing difficult for the country to contain the spread.

About the RO problem, so today got another call from some RO service company saying you had registered a complaint. Then i remembered that yes i did. This was some local RO service company that i had called while trying to get someone to fix it. I called, registered the request and no one called back. So i also forgot. So there was another ray of hope. But this guy also didn’t turn up. Same problem. Can’t enter from Delhi to Noida. He said that he will try tomorrow but i know nothing is gonna happen.

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