You bloody

I had to write this post yesterday night but couldn’t. For “Why” just read on…

Yesterday there was an official team cocktail cum dinner thing. So many interesting things. One being the dinner turning a “why the heck we are not able to do it ?” discussion 😉 While this discussion was going on, people were also enjoying their drinks as it was supposed to be a drinks n dine thing 😉 . After some time people started proceeding towards dinner and the big guys left. And here starts the second session, the after dinner thing. BTW out of those present till last, who all had their dinner, well, don’t know 😀 . Again there started some discussion. Till then 4-5 of them had got full talli and were enjoying to their fullest. One got stuck in “you bloody” (& yes thats why the title) and then everything he uttered started and ended with you know what ?  “you bloody” 😉 So finally we pushed everyone to leave for home and came out of the venue. One champ puked and threw everything out there itself. Ahhhh…relaxed ! One guy had a car and he had to drop us to home (oh yes he was also talli 🙂 ). So somehow we managed to reach home (me, 3 others including that Puke master from the previous scene. Please note that me & another guy were non-drinkers so in control of everything 😀 ). We live on 3rd floor so reaching there was also a struggle. Anyhow they managed it. Now out of us four there was one left who was talli and hadn’t puked and perfectly as expected he just fell on the bed and OKAY 😉 . The best, when we checked after some time, he had also thrown out everything on the bed itself and was sleeping in complete peace 😛 . It was dirty man, two others also vomited after that and i felt like vomiting. So finally it was 2 AM when we tried to sleep. Now its morning and they are stuck in hangover and i in sleepover 😀

A party turned bad !


  1. ohh my God, what a dangerous thing happened to you.

  2. lol

    You got to have nerve to stay in all that puke-mania ;-).
    A party turned “pukefest”! 😉

  4. Just posted a quick post about your post ;-).
    Aah, isn’t it like a rhyme?

  5. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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