Gujarat riots

If you have watched Aaj Tak yesterday, they claimed to have exposed everything about Gujarat riots and the very same people who were involved in doing all this are telling everything. There are soul stirring stories. What they did, a normal man can’t even think of doing. After watching that the picture becomes totally clear, leaving no doubts.

And the news about the same appears on rediff also. Then started peoples’ comments. Most of the public there is busy in supporting Modi and condemning Aaj Tak that why they have shown this. I just can’t understand why we can’t accept the fact. A bastard slit the abdomen of a pregnant women. What can be more horrible ? Do you think that a normal human being can do it ? Still people are supporting those people. There is crystal clear evidence in the videos that Modi said that do anything for 3 days, then I will stop it. I mean the CM of a state is saying this. How shameful. And people are taking it as a mean to tarnish the image of BJP, as elections are nearer. Does anything more needs to be done to the image of BJP ?

God save this country !



  1. Hi Sidhu,
    I was in shock,anger and most importantly was having hate for these kind of so called politicians who are supposed to run our country but who are just running their money making presses.I dont have words to say that what I felt after watching that program.I dont have words for those people either they are from public,other parties who just think that this is a stunt done to grab some votes.I just will say this that some can only say this kind of thing because what ever happened ,it didnt happen to someone near and dear to them.
    Just an example that how much can some one become obsessed with hunger of power,money.

  2. Exactly. And the question is whats right & wrong ? Let whatever the hell happen but whats the responsibility of state Govt ? that is to control it and I am sure if Govt willing not a bit can happen but they allowed it. And you know Modi is a hero in BJP. If country is run by such parties & people how you can think of something good being done ?

    And congress is very much the same. What happened in 1984 was same thing and equally shameful, with no difference and see the judiciary: Even after 23 years, nothing has happened and no one has been punished, except those thousand pages commissions’ reports.

    My personal opinion is that people like Modi should be killed in public. This is the only way you can stop such people and also others can be afraid of the consequences.

  3. I cant agree more with you Sidhu.These politicians are nothing but money sucking morons.All they know is about themselves.Modi might be a hero in Gujarat but being a hero and acting as a hero and doing heroic acts are two entirely opposite things.I HATE those people who claim they are good or best because they belong to a particular caste/creed.And this BJP/MODI/VHP/ShivSena they are all playing their dirty politics based on this only.
    We need fresh blood not these old jerks to run our country.

  4. Exactly…These oldies know all the loop holes in the system, in fact they are the people who made the system and are sucking blood of the people. And the solution is their replacement.

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