Indian singers famous in Pakistan

The popularity of Pakistani singers in India is a very well known thing. But the other thing I have always wanted to know is which Indian singers are heard in Pakistan.So thought of writing a blog post to know little more. Of course there is no hidden agenda Smile with tongue out. Just out of curiosity wanted to know this.

It will be great if you could write the name of the singer in the comments. It will be even more awesome if you could few lines as well.

Please note that Bollywood playback singers don’t qualify as an answer.

Hoping to hear from Pakistani friends !

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  1. Sonu Nigham as a pop musician has been very popular in Pakistan but now his popularity is mostly because of his bollywood playback career. Shan and Lucky Ali also lie in the same category.
    But the most popular ones have always been Punjabi singers like Gurudas Maan, Daler Mehndi, Sulkhbir.
    Other than punjabi singers, Euphoria has been known. But I must say, if you exclude Bollywood singers, Pakistani fans usually prefer Pakistani Pop groups.

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