Day: December 29, 2012

So what is wrong and what needs to be done ?

Quite literally everything…I repeat every damn thing is wrong in this country !

The defunct law and order system: In general system the law and order system is totally defunct. The criminals are no longer scared of what their fate is gonna be after the crime ? One can easily get away after committing a heinous crimes like murder or rape.

The police: The police no longer works for the common man or the sufferer. I have a personal experience of dealing with Delhi Police (in the capital of India…you hear ?) while trying to get an FIR registered for a theft. No one is ready to listen to you; NO ONE. The misery and helplessness you are made to feel at police stations is beyond the expression in words. In such a scenario where one can go for help ? There is no need to mention how the police will behave in case someone from an influential background is involved in the crime.

Judiciary: Judiciary has turned out to be the absolute disappointment. Lakhs of cases are pending in the courts. Judges, lawyers, eye witnesses everyone can be bought for money and in such a scenario you can hardly hope for any justice. Even one manages to file a case, the trial goes on for years resulting in even more suffering. Remember Surjit Patar’s words ?

Es adalat ‘ch bande birakh ho gaye,
Faisle sundeyan sundeyan suk gaye
Aakho enha nu ujjade gharin jaan hun
Eh kado teek ethe khade rehange

Such is the state of our judicial system.

Today’s generation: We do talk a lot about helping someone if he/she is in trouble. But reality tells a different bit. You see something happening on the road and try to get involved in that. There are pretty much chances that you yourself are going to be injured, killed or something like that. We have already seen cases where someone challenged few youngsters who were eve teasing a girl and that poor man has to pay with his life. Such shameful and horrible incidents set a different tone and everybody tries to walk away even if he sees something happening around.

The sick mentality of this society: One of the most important points is the sick mentality of the society especially MEN. I don’t want to write much on this topic. That saying “All Men are dogs” explains it all.

Women’s portrait in the media: Our media, newspapers, magazines, movies have left no stone unturned to portrait woman as a bodily object of pleasure that can be used as man wants and then thrown away. That is what most of the movies and music videos present. Result of all that is that we are at this stage !

So my friends this is where we stand today ! I can just hope that we head towards betterment. Nothing more to say. If the scenario remains the same, you already know what the future is gonna be like Sad smile .

I am sorry girl…

I shuddered with horror after reading what this poor girl has to go through. She was a brave girl and fought very bravely. But today she lost the fight and is no more with us.

We all are responsible for your death girl. We are all ashamed of

being part of this society,

being mute spectators of the injustice happening around us,

being part of this impotent system,

choosing this impotent government that can’t protect us.

May your soul rest in peace !

And I am not sure where “God” is at this moment ? As Nasir Kazmi said

oh mere masroof khuda,

apni dunia dekh zara