Error in HDFC net banking payment

This is no troubleshooting blog but thought about writing about it that it could be useful for someone else. You may have faced issues while making payments through HDFC net banking. It gives a stupid error message (WRITTEN IN CAPS) page and sends you back to from where you started. Because that page hardly displays for a second, so you don’t even get to see the error message. Finally after trying it for 4-5 times i was able to capture the screenshot and here it is 😀

The text displayed is:

You are not authorized to do this transaction. Please login to HDFC Bank net banking to reset your profile using ‘Modify Secure Access Profile’ or Contact HDFC Phonebanking for further details.

So to get rid of this shit you need to login to your HDFC net banking account, choose an option called “Modify Secure Access Profile” (almost bottom left), answer few questions and save it. After that you should be able to make the payment without any issues.

 Cheers !

PS : Till date this post has been getting comments. So it appears people are still facing this issue. Since HDFC has changed the Net Banking website interface, thought of updating the post with the new path to this option. To access this option click on Accounts in the top row. Then on the left side under Accounts, expand the Request option and there you should see it.


  1. Thank you very much.
    “Modify Secure Access Profile” (almost bottom left),”— never saw this option 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot. I was facing this problem since a long time and finally I resolved this with the help of your article. Again thanks a lot.

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  4. Friend of friend

    February 15, 2013 at 4:24 am

    HI Friend ,
    thanks for your update its really helped me.

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  5. thanks buddy, my ID was de-activated…..this fixed the problem…..

  6. Thanks a lot Sidhu… I m suffering this problem till 3 day but now it solve it.

  7. Thanks a heap. that was of such a help!

  8. i could not follow it fully because my card is not displayed after i submitted the customer id.Displayed only “5326XXXXXXXX3504” this card. It says “Hotlisted/Inactive cards are not listed above.” So do you mean to say my card is inactive? Looks like it got disabled. Please help me to make it active

  9. Awesome. This worked like magic. I was trying to fix this one with those stupid HDFC Customer Cares for a long time but no help.
    You saved my life 😉

  10. Excellent!!! This works like a charm!!!
    Thanks for the information!!!

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    It saved lot of tym for me.

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  13. Thnks a million buddy. U did save my life. If only I knew where you live, I would treat u d entire day.

  14. Umesh K Deshmukh

    April 11, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    How i change my registered for urgent use of net banking for payment?

  15. Thanks friend! Helped me at the right time, when i’m in damn need!!

  16. Thanks Buddy. Helped a lot.

  17. Thank you for your valuable info! Very useful

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