Before i start writing, i should mention that the whole inspiration for writing this post has come from an announcement made in Delhi Metro that “Male passengers are requested not to sit on the seats reserved for ladies”. It is one step ahead actually. Earlier they used to announce that “Please vacate seats for Ladies, senior citizens and physically challenged”. Now this one. What irritates me the most is the contrast between the thought being created that women are not the weaker sex, they can do everything blah blah blah and such announcements. In Delhi, in buses also all the seats on left side are reserved for ladies and oh yes they are sitting on some seats on right side too and NO you can’t ask them to get up. Is there an explanation that how all of this bullshit fits under one cover ? One on side the whole media, women organizations and x y z are hell bent on proving that women are not the weaker sex and on the other side women need reserved seats in buses, metros and where not ? And after getting into the bus or metro, the way they ask for the seat is just awesome as if it was their Dad’s property. Bullshit ! Either they should accept that yes women are theĀ  weaker sex or they shouldn’t ask for reservations !

BTW ladies what is your say about this ?