Month: June 2009


So the govt wants to do away with the concept of board exams for class Xth. What a stupid direction we want to walk-in ! Before thinking about this idea (which is a complete copy-paste from the West) has anybody tried to see the standard of education in school and colleges in India ? Education in India is one of the most terribly screwed up things. Govt institutions have fallen below all the standards and for private institutions it is a pure business. Colleges after colleges, universities after universities are opening like branches of a tree. They are charging sky touching fees which a very small percentage of people can afford to pay. Anyways, talking about the effects of doing away with the board exams, my main question is what advantages we/education standard is going to have from this concept ? On the negative side there are so many things like:

  • There is some amount of  fear of board exams in the minds of students so do study, at least to pass the exams. That fear gone away and no-one is going to care about preparing for the exams.
  • When things will get in the hands of schools, its effects are going to be terrible. In Govt schools, things are already at their worst, they are gonna worsen even more. In private schools, to show good results they are gonna play with the numbers on the marks sheets of the students.
  • Teachers are going to give good marks only to the students who will take tuitions from them. Its going to corrupt the whole culture like anything.

These are just a few. There could be a lot more. Rather than taking such stupid decisions, we need to work on improving education standards in India.

God help India !

hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo

A very nice song from Movie Anpadh sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Lyrics are by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan.

hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo
woh jafa karein main wafa karoon
jo wafa bhi kaam na aa sake
to wohi kahein ke main kya karoon

(jafa=oppression, aabroo=honor)

mujhe gam bhi unka azeez hai
ke unhi di hui cheez hai
yehi gam hai ab meri zindagi
ise kaise dil se juda karoon
hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo

jo na ban sake main woh baat hoon
jo na khatam ho main woh raat hoon
yeh likha hai mere naseeb mein
yun hi shamma banke jala karoon
hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo

na kisi ke dil ki hoon aarzoo
na kisi nazar ki hoon justujoo
main woh phool hoon jo udas ho
na bahar aaye to kya karoon
hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo

है इसी में प्यार की आबरू
वोह जफा करें मैं वफ़ा करूं
जो वफ़ा भी काम न आ सके
तो वोही कहें के मैं क्या करूं

मुझे गम भी उनका अज़ीज़ है
के उन्ही दी हुई चीज़ है
यही गम है अब मेरी ज़िन्दगी
इसे कैसे दिल से जुदा करूं
है इसी में प्यार की आबरू

जो ना बन सके मैं वोह बात हूँ
जो ना ख़तम हो मैं वोह रात हूँ
यह लिखा है मेरे नसीब में
यूँ ही शम्मा बनके जला करूं
है इसी में प्यार की आबरू

ना किसी के दिल की हूँ आरजू
ना किसी नज़र की हूँ जुस्तुजू
मैं वोह फूल हूँ जो उदास हो
ना बहार आये तो क्या करूं
है इसी में प्यार की आबरू


It is a tough question to answer that whether cleaning your house would be tough if you are a bachelor or you were married as in first case you clean your room and might assist your roommate in cleaning his and in latter case you assist your better half in cleaning the whole house 😉 . Anyways, i haven’t gone through the latter one but today was the day for experiencing the first one. It has been pending since long time and we had been planning it since pretty long. Everything was terribly screwed up and needed attention. Finally that fine Sunday came and now everything has been cleaned and set properly. As usual, what i liked the most is my books shelf which is just looking too good after arranging everything properly 😉


Next on agenda is to clean my laptop of all the clutter around ie files, folders etc etc…