Punjabis are famous for many things. On top of the list are their eating habits and being more specific Punjabis can’t control themselves when they see Paranthas.Many times I had heard about Paratha Wali Gali in Delhi but never got a chance to go there and try.One day I came to see Not Just Paranthas very near to our place.So we decided to go there. After going there we were given one 4 page newspaper sort of, that actually was a menu 🙂 From there only we came to know that Not Just Paranthas was a copy of Paratha Wali Gali created in modern fashion.In the menu there were more than 100 varieties of paranthas out of which we could choose. After having look at everything we decided to go for Vesna Parantha stuffed with Gobhi,Pyaz and Paneer mix with curd. Believe me just an awesome taste. Then we had normal Gobhi Pyaz and Mooli paranthas.But it is bit expensive (infact more than a bit) Cost of that first parantha was Rs 80 per parantha (without any Curd/Butter). So I think not wrong to call it expensive !!!

Do give it a try when you get some time 🙂