Weekend is a highly respected term in my industry. After screwing his head for 5 days (I didn’t mention in what 😉 ) everybody waits for a weekend as it is the time to relax, to enjoy, to sleep, to meet friends and to do a hell lot of things out of which more than 1/2 get postponed to next week with a hope “will see next week”. Last week was real good as Monday was a holiday due to X Mas. I had to leave for home by Firday Night train. One of my friend[A] had got a flight from Pune to Delhi which was expected to be here by 4:30 or so. So by thursday evening everything was planned that we will be meeting at Bus Stand. As generally when you plan in advance things never comes on the track, something similar happened here also. Flight was late by 2 hours and it reached by 7 or so. Now coming from Airport to Bus Stand itself takes 1 1/2 hours or so. Even my train was late by an hour from its right time (that is 2030 hrs).

But to summarize due to everything going away from the origin we couldnt meet and postponed the program to meet to some other day. [one important thing to mention for this much time…till he has left the airport, i was waiting in office alone 🙁 ] So I reached Railway station well advance in time and to add more to it train was actually late by almost 2 hours. Again I was waiting for one friend[B] who has the tickets and had to go with me. So finally when he came we went for dinner and after that it was little bit easier to kill time. I skip everything here & I reached home at 6 AM.

Now didnt have the time to sleep. Have to meet 2 friends over here one who came with me[B] in the train and another one[C]. So planned to meet at around 11 AM. Then there was a program to go for a movie “Bhagam Bhaag”. To mention it was a torture and we were planning to leave in between, I got a call from home that the postman came to deliver my passport, as I was not at home so have to collect it from the post office. So 2 of us left the movie hall and reached postoffice to collect my passport. Then reached home by evening.

Now next day was sunday and I had to wake up by 5 in the morning to go to one of friend’s[D] place for a program. Came back from there by 9. After that again needed to go out of city to some place 40 kms away (between these 2 things a round of B’z house

Finally out of my city and expected to be back by next day. Have to meet 2 more friends on the way. School time buddies, talked to them after real long…say 2 years or more. Went through the same streets where we used to go when we were in 9th, 10th standered. In front of houses of all the beautiful girls of our school, some of them must be taking care of their kids these days 🙁

After doing all this have to come back on Monday to get a photograph clicked for an idendity card. Did that also. Now again back to B’z house and me, B & C together, had one samosa & tea session [my cup with little more sugar added to it 😉 ].Then came back home and went for a small nap before leaving for Railway Station. [Have to reach station by 2315 hrs so there was time left for a nap] grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………. 🙂

Cheers !