The complete title of the post is We Indians…

Most of the time there are cars parked in front of our apartment and there is very little space to enter the door to stairs. Today when i came back from office and was entering the apartment there was an uncle standing with his back leaning with one of the cars and doing something on his mobile. There was hardly any space left to cross. Me and 2 of my roommates had to cross but that uncle didn’t move a bit but was rather doing left and right to make some space in pretty much ignorance. A thought hit me that how egoistic (or stupid ? ) we Indians are ? Just few of the things i observe almost daily:

  1. The very first thing, the above example. What he would have lost if he had come out to give us some space to cross ? And this is not the only scenario. Its so common in our daily lives.
  2. While entering any office, mall or any other place, if there is a guard or some security staff asking us a question, see how hot our blood gets in fraction of moment whereas they just do their duty.
  3. In our daily lives, just observe how we talk to our maids, servants or the guys working on the shops where we go for getting our daily needs stuff ?
  4. We make a mistake on the road while driving and the other guy says something, how fast we come down to maan…bhain and my uncle is this and that.
  5. Similarly we violate a traffic rule and the traffic policy guy asks us few questions and issues a ticket. How we start making calls to someone sitting on a high post known to us ?

These are just few things that are coming to my mind right now. There would be so many of them. If you can think of some more, please leave a comment.

Then we say that we are the most humble, God fearing blah blah people on this planet. What is this then ?


  1. you should’ve gave that guy a rude look

  2. Guys i just want to summarize my feelings about indians in a single line

    “Indians are most non-sense and undeserving creatures. All indians are blessed with God, that is the only reason for their survival till date”

    Amardeep, I’ll also try to give shape to my feelings on my blog …

  3. I am not sure that what some people actually think of theirselves. When I was coming to Hyd this time, in the train , there was a couple,old enough. Some how, they were just standing in the mid of the seats with their luggage. I asked the uncle to move aside so that I can pass through, to the reply of which he said, why don’t you just pass through? I couldn’t because of his stupid luggage so I just said, you please pass and I shall go through. To which he just didn’t do anything and was standing , reading the seat numbers which were just pretty damn obvious to see. I had to carry my bag over my shoulder to cross him.

    Not sure what to say, some times, people really do things which just prove some other people’s comments about a whole nation so true.


  4. Lets not be too specific to pin point only Indians here. Rather this is true for full South East Asian community. Well to summarize your whole blog I would only say “We are educated but uncivilized however people in western countries might be uneducated but they are fully civilized”

  5. amritpal singh

    July 6, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    hmmmm, I’ve come across similar situations at times, even my last trip early this year.

    No one is willing to give way, let it be the train door, the Shop entrance, anywhere .. everywhere ..

    when I was in Gwalior , it was amazing, no one gets of the road, until you push them gently with your vehicle, you will be in trouble if that push is not so gentle.

    But somehow since I always come for short vacations, I kind of Ignore and laugh at such ignorant (foolish) acts .

    for instance, I was entering the Bangla Sahib parking area, and this guy in a van crosses me from the back side, and brings his car right in front of mine, think of this happening in the Gurdwara premises.

  6. Mama eh saala pura mulakh hi kanjer kalesh aa ! … jime din tapdaa tapayi chal ….. ******** akal mout hai ni lokaan kol 😛

  7. I agree about this behavior of the people of our community. However, I dont completely agree with the language of some of the comments. Cribbing is not a solution to this problem. As Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said – “Be the Change that you want to see in this world”. Youth is the majority in India at present and a lot depends how we change the things. As a young man complains about the “old couple” in the above response, let me ask one simple question – How difficult was it to ask the “old couple” what their seat number was and help them with their “stupid luggage”? The seat numbers were “just pretty damn obvious to see” for him, but could not have been the case for that old people. If you want to change the world, change yourself. Everything else will follow.

    And what should I say about the comments from Mr Neeraj Bhatia above:
    “Indians are most non-sense and undeserving creatures.”

    If these lines had come from some Australian person, you would have been the first person to mark him “RACIST”. But wait…. We are Indians… We can’t be Racists….

    In short, we should try to change ourselves – Not to show attitude to the poor chap doing his duty, not to talk disrespectfully to your domestic help or the sales-boys, not to break the traffic rules and boast about it. These are some small things. And one small change at a time can change the world. But for God’s sake, don’t just complain about Indian attitude on blogs and go back to normal lives bearing the same attitude.

    In the end, I will finish off with another famous quote –
    “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

    P.S. No hard feelings. No offenses intended. Apologies if anyone gets offended.

    • I would say one thing that if i would be having any of the bad habits i won’t dare give everybody else the lessons for that or i will mention that i am also the CULPRIT ! All these things frustrate me so much because i don’t do all this but people don’t let you live in peace even after that. I will try to put everything in detail in a new post.

  8. wow man you are totally frustrated with life or what?

  9. yeah sidhu.. the thing is that we are some educated people and we can change but the matter of the problem is that we cant change the whole ‘indian’ community.. these things are from the childhood.. we learn from society.. and nothin can b changed so easily.. it takes generations.. let u know that here in canada english people are much respectful as compared to south asian community.. even when u enter in a bus the driver says u good evening or morning..and u know what is situation in india.. (read u r delhi bus blog article.. lol.. ladies reserved)… u can change u r self but people will not let u change so easily.. 🙂

    • I agree wid Harmeet…. Any time u go to a place with Indian ppl working… like grocery stores (indian) fast food restaurants, ppl are just snobby. I am always like please take your head out of you a*s and jsut be polite, its not gonna cost you anything. and you are not gaining anything by ruing someone’s day.

  10. u can change u r self but people will not let u change so easily..

    Precisely put. That is what the problem is !!! I am happy being a “good man” but the bloody hell my neighbor will not drop his shitty habits no matter what. Now what i am supposed to do here ? When tolerance level reaches, frustration starts building up in everybody’s head and that is what this post is all about !

  11. I am nt sure whether to generalize it as Indians .. some ppl r just nt sensible enuf!
    We ought to be gud but under circumstances where we r caught this way, better to show them they r wrong n what they ought to do instead .. lets hiss n not bite 😉

    • They will hit back at you like anything, i guarantee !

      • But then what do we do? Stand n stare n let them do what they want .. they know they r wrong and they shud be shown they have not gone unnoticed isn’t it?

        • Thats what frustrates me the most. We can’t fall in an argument with each & everybody and people are just not ready to accept that they made a mistake. So whats the way out ?


  12. I agree with all of you guys> God made us all in similar ways, gave us same amount and size of brain, but its up to us how we use it. Indians are simply rude, no matter where they are in the world not just in India. I live in BC and I went to a punjabi store to get like Ghee and Atta and stuff, As I was walking in the isle they had containers of ghee all stocked up on cardboard box so th ebase was not strong and as i walked by my purse hot the container and it fell on the floor and lid came off. So i go to girl behind the counter, ” Sorry the container fell.” so i out of courtsy picked up the container and moved to the side. This is what she said. “oh painey (not even phanji) ki kari jaani a hor kum badai jaani aaa” I was just startled, insted of saying oh its ok after I applozized or we will clean, accidents happen… etc. she flippe dout on me in the rudest possible way.

    I just looke dat her and I was just like its not your fault it your genes because u r Indian.

    So like all agreed there is no help for these people…
    and good luck in trying to bring a change. if these people can’t change in a civilized country like canada , Then they have no hope…
    that’s one of my many many stories…..

    • Exactly my sentiments. It doesn’t help even if you are being nice. There hardly seems to be any alternate than striking your own head against the wall 🙁

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