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Would you ?

There are some people in this world who are plain *#&(#&$#*($*& and they would not mend their ways come what may. What would you do if you see someone like that in trouble and you seem to be in a position to give a helping hand ? Would you help him/her ? Would it be a pre-decided thing that whether to help him/her or not  or it would depend upon the state of mind at that time ?

An “old” boy

Time flies; they say. Its so true. Day before yesterday i was exploring youtube and came across few videos of Lux style awards held in Karachi where Atif Aslam & Shehzad Roy paid tribute to the legendary singer Reshma.

Given her age (she has turned 60+, i think), she was not able to sing properly. It made me recall my childhood days. We used to listen to Lahore radio station which frequently played Reshma’s songs. The most popular was haye o rabba naio lagda dil mera. Since childhood her voice has been so familiar and she has been a respected and “motherly” figure in my eyes. Then it was the articles in Punjabi newspapers about her, her life that how simple living she had, she will always keep dupatta on her head (she says jokingly that dressing style of Reshma & Sikhs has never changed and will never change) and will cook for all her guests at home. Also the stories that how hard it was for her to read and memorize his first Urdu song. It has been almost 14-15 years to all this. Still the memories are so fresh in my mind. And now when Reshma was on stage and looking old it reminds of how grown up i am; an “old” boy. Time flies…really !

May God bless Reshma ji with a healthy and long life ! Respect !

Union after 24 years !

While surfing i came across an old (of 2007) piece of news in a newspaper which is worth mentioning. Especially today when we are lost in the darkness of terrorism, riots and violence. Its the story of a girl that how her fate played games with her but finally after 24 years she was able to find her father again. God does wonders ! The most touching emotion is when she said: 

But memories of her father continued to haunt her — of how he had doted on her, carrying her on his shoulders to school on rainy days so she didn’t dirty her feet. 

And then she got separated from her father 🙁 . Read the whole story here.

This week…

This whole week was pretty frustrating, irritating and boring. Didn’t do much work and neither felt like doing. Thank God its Friday. Hoping to have some rest on Sat & Sun and then be ready to happily face the next week 😉