These are just some random rants about what I have been thinking about. Watching this podcast episode by Sangtar kind of pushed me to scribble it down here.

So should the culture not change ? How do we decide that what all bits should stay as they are and what all bits should change ? Also, who decides that ? We have seen that black and white photograph showing a traditional Punjabi kitchen. Such kitchens had arrangement for letting the smoke out but of course wood and all the stuff that was used wasn’t a clean fuel like modern day things including gas and electric stoves. Since mostly women worked in the kitchen, they were the ones most impacted by this. That photograph looks nice and nostalgic but should it not have gone anyway ensuring better health for all who work in the kitchen ?

Another example is of so called honor killings. Not that it doesn’t happen in these times but in a civilized society governed by law and order, what place all such things have ?

Ways of agriculture are another thing worth talking about. These days most of the work is being done by different types of machines. Compare it with what was happening half a century ago and most of those practices aren’t there anymore. Should this not have changed ?

But there is sort of downside to it. There are so many things interlinked. Literature that is written in a particular period, a lot of it is based on the lifestyle of those times. You need to know those times to understand the texts from those days. Now next generations, that are living a different life, how would they be able to relate to the writings of those times ? Literature can’t be discarded like that. That would mean the history is being discarded. So how do we strike a balance ?