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OTN forums – 2nd upgrade attempt

Well, as everybody has seen, last week they have again upgraded the OTN forums. And sadly it has been handled in a very poor manner. End result is that it is running terribly slow and throwing some errors many times. In my office, i cant even open it properly may be its too heavy or some issue with the internet. Also there has been lots of hues and cries about the new point system and all. That in my opinion is fine except that speed at which forums are running should be fine.

But Oracle itself handling an upgrade like this is really bad. It should have happened in a sweet manner. Or no money comes from OTN, so no experts out there ?

Since the upgrade, i am not feeling like posting and i think number of posts have also gone down.

Lets hope for some improvements…

OTN forums under maintenance

I was just wondering what kind of maintenance OTN forums are undergoing ? It is 2nd day today and still not available. I checked it yesterday morning and now today morning still under maintenance.

Is another new design on the way ? 😉

What you say !

Just noticed that there is an announcement about the maintenance in Community Feedback forum.

Due to maintenance, will be in read-only mode between 6pm PT, Aug. 8 and 6pm PT, Aug 10. Search will still be available during that time.

Thanks for your patience during this time!

Lets see when it comes up…mentioned period is over, i think.

OTN forums get a new look

Just had a glimpse. OTN forums has got a new look. A bunch of new features has also been added. Some of the new things i noticed are:

  • That simple editor is now rich text editor. Also supports emoticons.
  • You can add tags to a post and it displays the tag cloud (for all the posts) on right side.
  • A post can be marked as a question and then there will be some points system based on answers.
  • That list of Top users doesn’t show those users n ACEs. It display a new list of people instead.
  • Report Abuse button has been added (with each reply).

May be there are some other changes too. That is what i noticed in the very first look.

Nice change indeed ! I am not happy with the font though, it is very small 🙁

A database – one tablespace & one datafile

Today I was checking OTN forums and came across a thread. OP’s concern was:

One of the db i am supporting has about 3.3 Terabytes capacity and the application is using only 1 huge tablespace with one big file.

the system is linux 4 , 32 bit.
oracle version is

Is there a limit of space for a tablespace when you consider insert/delete/query performance?

Single datafile of 3.3 TB 🙂

Awesome !

Kudos to the designer 😉