My name is Amardeep Sidhu. I currently live and work in New Delhi, India. My main technology arena is Oracle on Windows & Unix platforms.

I did my B Tech in Computer Sci & Engg from Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab, India. I started my first job in 2004 with Spice Telecom Pvt Ltd, a Mohali based GSM operator operating in Punjab.

I always had thought about programming in C/C++ but was met with Oracle in my first job. I didn’t like Oracle at all and it took a long time for me to actually start getting interested in it. By the time i was leaving my first job (that is in Oct 2006) i had become interested in learning Oracle properly and thought about going for PL/SQL and Java domain. While doing my first job i learned about Oracle, Unix (Solaris to be specific) and also about telecom domain ( yea yea…i still remember a little about MSC, IN, CDR etc etc 😀 ).

I joined my second job in 2006 but as a DBA 🙂 Since then i started studying Oracle in details. Learning about architecture and all other stuff. Here, on this blog, i try to collect whatever technology tidbits i come across daily. May be sometimes a little bit of humour too.

Happy reading and commenting 🙂

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  1. Rajender Sandhu

    Hi Amar,

    I just ( May14, 2010 )found your blog on ….undo tablespace. I kept on wondering how the recovery process works.Reading the replies by Howard was illuminating.

    I am in Toronto.PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH.



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