OTN forums get a new look

Just had a glimpse. OTN forums has got a new look. A bunch of new features has also been added. Some of the new things i noticed are:

  • That simple editor is now rich text editor. Also supports emoticons.
  • You can add tags to a post and it displays the tag cloud (for all the posts) on right side.
  • A post can be marked as a question and then there will be some points system based on answers.
  • That list of Top users doesn’t show those users n ACEs. It display a new list of people instead.
  • Report Abuse button has been added (with each reply).

May be there are some other changes too. That is what i noticed in the very first look.

Nice change indeed ! I am not happy with the font though, it is very small 🙁

2 thoughts on “OTN forums get a new look

  1. Aman...

    Hmm I really didnt like two things,okay three about the new OTN forum,
    1)Font size,really needed to zoom to 140% to read without straining eyes.
    2) Extremely slow!
    3)Point system,I mean what’s this point system at all?Than there will be fights ,how come you got 10 when I got 5 and my answer is more better than you.Or better OP doesn’t even know which answer is better and ignores to give any points and than all the people who commented are fighting with him only to give them points,whatever they may be ;-)!
    I guess it was too much to add that’s why we are back to old forum ;).

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