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Learning AWK…

I was searching for some good tutorials on awk. Found a very nice (brilliant indeed) article on Oracle website by Emmett Dulaney. A very good introduction for beginners. I searched for some other links as well. Have a read:

1. AWK: The Linux Administrators’ Wisdom Kit

2. A Guided Tour Of Awk

3. AWK Programming

4. UNIX Utilities – awk

Happy awk’ing 🙂


Batch file for ftp’ing files…

Today I came across a requirement where users needed to ftp files time and again. So ftp’ing again and again is not a very good option. I wrote a small batch file for the same. Just sharing the same over here. I created a folder ftp in C drive and a file get_file.bat
Contents of get_file.bat are:

set /p file_name=Enter the name of the file you want to ftp:
echo oracle>c:\ftp\param.cfg
echo oracle123>>c:\ftp\param.cfg
echo cd /home/oracle>>c:\ftp\param.cfg
echo lcd c:\ftp>>c:\ftp\param.cfg
get %file_name%
ftp -s:param.cfg

It will create a file param.cfg having all the things like username, password and command to get the file in the same folder (c:\ftp). Then we invoke ftp with -s option with specifying the file param.cfg. It will ask the user to enter the file name and ftp the file from server to c:\ftp