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Bloody hell

Well, a quick post to puke some frustration about these bloody reality shows on Indian TV channels. Let it be Sa Re Ga Ma, India idol or any a b c. I just don’t understand what the hell they are looking for ? See the judges, anchors and  contestants. Everybody is hell bent on uttering maximum possible non-sense. And the contestants, i guess they look for beautiful faces rather than beautiful voices. And those x y z non-sense things they are made to do in the show are just bloody irritating like anything. All the 24 hours they abuse music. And oh yes that people voting thing; what does that mean ? If people can vote and make someone enter back into the show, what the heck judges are for ?

Bullshit !!!

BTW only show i liked a bit was Awaz Punjab Di on mh1 as there was no non-sense, no people voting and only some sensible stuff. But it also got screwed up on its way to end.

That is the talent we are hunting after this non-sense of months. May God save music from clutches of these duffers !

Aman just told me that i wrote about this thing earlier also. See the level of frustration it builds up 🙁

Land of (un)reality shows…

Well, has everything on this bloody planet to be driven by money only ?

Since last 2-3 years, there has been almost a flood of reality shows be it for music, dance or anything else X Y Z. One after another, all channels started something and the people who might not have been earning a single penny, got a chance to be judges and it was all gold. I have not watched much of all this but recently have been following Sa Re Ga Ma on Zee TV & Junoon kuch kar dikhane ka on NDTV imagine a bit.

Sa Re Ga Ma: Its a worldwide phenomenon man. Can’t even remember what all countries they have visited. Its like a child’s play. Its flooded with scripted fights, arguments and unlimited non-sense. I just can’t understand if you are searching for a good singer whats the need to show so much of other bullshit. It has to be a simple show where all participants perform and there are judges to judge their performances. The one who does the best is the winner. Simple, no rocket science. But MONEY matters baby. And the stupid audience, more the non-sense a show has, more they like it. And that is what they need, audiences !

Junnon: Dish TV was not airing NDTV imagine so i couldn’t watch the initial episodes. But people say that it was good initially. When i started watching it, it had got screwed up like all other shows. First of all the host Annu (Why the heck its not Anu ?) Kapoor was a big disappointment. All the time giving his own expert comments. And then in the last episode when Amitabh Bachan and Abhisheik Bachan were the guests (to promote ‘Drona’ obviously) [Oh and did you notice that it was a music show and Ghulam Ali was there but chief guests were Bachans, again MONEY matters stupid !] the way and number of times the host was buttering Bachans was utterly irritating.

I never knew how it was going to end. I thought that they were looking for a winner in each category (out of Folk, Sufi and Bollywood). But no man, they were looking for an overall winner. What bullshit. So you are making Sufi, Folk and Bollywood music compete against each other ? Ridiculous.

Its not the story of these 2 shows. Its the story of all the crap running on all the channels. The only good show that i have enjoyed is Awaz Punjab Di – I which was telecast on Punjabi channel MH1. By the time it was ending i saw the standards going down as the people who were judges when it started had quit. But still it didn’t host any useless fights at least. It looked like a music talent hunt.

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