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Malala Yousafzai – the brave child

The kind of materialistic and violent world we live in it is normal to get disappointed thinking that where exactly this world is heading. But then you come across something that brings hope like Sun brings rays of light in the morning.

Malala Yousafzai is a young girl from Swat region of Pakistan who has been advocating for right to education for women. She was 11 years old when Taliban imposed a ban for education on women in the region and she felt the need to raise a voice against it.

Yesterday few gunmen attacked her school bus and she was critically injured. She is being treated at a hospital in Peshawar and reported to be out of danger.

What to say of a sick mind that thinks that some purpose can be achieved by attacking a 14 years old child. And what about his belief system that feels threatened by voice of a child who is merely 14 years old ?

While going through related news I came across one documentary titled Class Dismissed made by a journalist from NY Times. You yourself should watch the video to see the courage and confidence in her. She was merely 11 years old when this documentary was shot in 2009. An 11 year old child, living in such troubled area where you daily hear the sounds of bomb blasts and gun shots…so fearless and determined for a noble cause of education. Such confidence, the ideas to excel and do so much for the society. To be honest watching this whole video was so emotionally draining for me that I felt like writing something as a mark of respect of this young and brave soul. For most of the kids the childhood is all about playing and having fun and this girl at the age of 11 was thinking about getting the right of education for the girls of her area. She is a blessed and a special child. She is just half my age and I can compare the thoughts that run into my mind with what she talks about. It is an inspiration to be better, do better and do something for others. Here is another video of her and her father from Morning with Farah which will throw more light on her life and childhood.



She is a blessed and brave child and gonna be all right. Our prayers are with her. This world needs more Malala’s who can bring more hope to this troubled planet.

God bless you child !


One thing that always gets ignored while talking about India’s independence is the partition of India. It was the largest displacement of people in the 20th century. The state worst affected by this was Punjab. It was divided into two parts and a large displacement of Muslims to Pakistan and Hindus & Sikhs to India started. Result was that an uncontrolled bloodshed followed. The unfortunate thing is that today’s generation hardly understands what exactly happened during those times. Even Punjabis don’t understand what exactly partition meant ? A friend sent me the link to this poem by a young Pakistani poet Afzal Saahir that describes the pain of the people who had to leave their homes and move to a complete new place. They could never forget the pain of leaving the place of their childhood and youth. In the poem Afzal talks about similar emotions.


Also the amazing kaun dushman hai by Ali Sardar Jafri

ghulam tum bhi the yaroon,
ghulam hum bhi thhe

Naha ke khoon mein aayi thi fasle azadi
Maza to tab tha ki milkar ilaaj e jaan karte

khud apne haath se tameer e gulsitan karte

hammare dard mein tum, aur tumhare dard mein ham
shareek hote to jashne aashiyaan karte

Tum aao gulshan e Lahore se chaman bardosh
hum ayen subah Banaras ki roshni lekar
Himalaye ki hawaaon ki taazgi lekar
Aur iske baad ye punchhen kaun dushman hai

(Taken from here)

We are brothers

Someone’s comment on youtube on a video of Atta Ullah Khan:

sometimes i think that i HATE pakistan…but when i go to songs of ataullah khan ,nusrat fateh ali khan ,abida parveen,,,THEN I THINK F*** HATE….”WE ARE BROTHERS”…

xxx xxx

New Delhi