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Junoon !

Last Thursday I had a chance to watch Junoon (if we may call it so !) live at Blue Frog, New Delhi. It was a good show but not the same Junoon as it was with Ali Azmat and Brian being part of it. Salman Ahmed is an awesome guitarist but Ali’s vocals were something that along with Salman’s guitar made Junoon what it was in its good days. Their choice of lyrics, compositions, singing…everything was awesome. It is really sad to see that these guys parted ways. We don’t know the reason for their split and would probably never know but what we can do for sure is cherish the great music they created during their best times.


We are brothers

Someone’s comment on youtube on a video of Atta Ullah Khan:

sometimes i think that i HATE pakistan…but when i go to songs of ataullah khan ,nusrat fateh ali khan ,abida parveen,,,THEN I THINK F*** HATE….”WE ARE BROTHERS”…

xxx xxx

New Delhi


RIP Jagjit Singh

“kaun sahab nu aakhe ke inj nahi inj kar”

(Literal translation is: Who can dare tell God that do it like this, not like that ?)

How truly someone has put it in just a few words.

A very very sad day for music and the music lovers. The “one man army”, the captain of Indian Ghazal singing Jagjit Singh is no more. And even sadder is the thing that there is no-one to carry forward his legacy. His untimely demise marks the end of an era in the Indian music. There is no one like him, of the same status, same repute. In our sub continent also, there are very few names; Mehdi Hasan already stopped singing due to his health. At this moment the singing in 2 countries was being headed by Ghulam Ali & Jagjit Singh and one of them just left us. I can’t describe in words what a tremendous loss it is. Only a month back, we saw him perform live with Ghulam Ali and I was not at all happy with his performance and complained a lot about it. Because I wanted him to sing the classics he created. I feel lucky to have seen him perform live thrice in my life. I can’t just accept that he is no more with us.

Whose live show we are gonna attend now ?

Who will sing ghazals like Jagjit Singh ?

Posting some of my most favourite ghazals sung by him. Let us remember our hero and pray for the peace of his soul. Rest in Peace Mr Jagjit Singh !

agar hum kahein aur woh muskara dein


suntay hain ke mil jati hai


sar jhukaoge to pathar bhi devta ho jayega


kabhi yun bhi to ho


Phd :D

My friend Neeraj sent me an sms in the morning and then i replied and so on. That made a pretty funny conversation. I thought about posting it here 😀 ;). So here goes the conversation.


Man everytime i ask for songs u burn same Dvd from ur laptop songs. U did this 3 times and i hv 3 versions of same songs.


:)))))))))) That bloody means u r playing that dvd now 😀

Man selection is really really difficult process. All the gems i refer u to, are the result of so many years of hard work 😉


No i m not playing. I didnt find anything new. These days totally obessed with bohemia, listening him 2-3 hrs daily. Btw, shouldnt one univ give u P.hd for music research and ptc pjbi award “most versatile music listener”


:)))))) This whole conversation can be a very good blog post. ll post it 😀



Masooma Anwar

Few days ago, while going through some videos on youtube i came across a song ve asan tainu ki aakhna by Masooma Anwar. Oh boy what a voice ! She is studying MBBS and taking up singing along with the studies.


Then she renders legendary Reshma’s ve main chori chori


Such a soulful voice. Totally reminds me of Reshma. There are other videos of her as well. Another superb performance is kalaam-e-Iqbal


Totally stunning performances !!!

Wishing her all the best. We have another voice like Reshma ! (I don’t mean to have any comparison)