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Amin Malik

I have been a big fan of Amin Malik and his writings since the days when I started reading Punjabi newspapers which generally use to carry his writings. I always felt that he translates emotions into words and his writings can make you cry. From whatever little I know about him I also seem to carry a dim expression in my mind that some people also have some issues with him because he writes, says and speaks nothing but “truth” which seems to be creating trouble.

From all of his writings, and same for his wife Rani Malik also, I am reminded of those old days of Punjab and Punjbiat which seem to be lost somewhere or taken some other form, under the shadow of changing times, modernization and globalisation.

I searched a lot for his books (& I don’t even know, he has written any books or not ? because nowhere I could find any information about him or his work) but hit no success. Also with the passage of time, the schedule of life, a separation got created between me and all those newspapers. These days because of online editions of newspapers, I hit upon an article written by Amin Malik, in Rozana Spokesman. As always its beautiful and I felt so nice after reading him after so long. Then I did some Googling and also found 2 videos oh him and his wife Rani Malik. Just sharing with you. Hope you love it. If anybody reading this blog knows anything more about Amin Malik, his email address, please do let me know 🙂

Amin Malik – Mehfil E Shayari

Rani Malik – Mehfil E Shayari