Phd :D

My friend Neeraj sent me an sms in the morning and then i replied and so on. That made a pretty funny conversation. I thought about posting it here 😀 ;). So here goes the conversation.


Man everytime i ask for songs u burn same Dvd from ur laptop songs. U did this 3 times and i hv 3 versions of same songs.


:)))))))))) That bloody means u r playing that dvd now 😀

Man selection is really really difficult process. All the gems i refer u to, are the result of so many years of hard work 😉


No i m not playing. I didnt find anything new. These days totally obessed with bohemia, listening him 2-3 hrs daily. Btw, shouldnt one univ give u P.hd for music research and ptc pjbi award “most versatile music listener”


:)))))) This whole conversation can be a very good blog post. ll post it 😀



Where to select ?

I was booking a ticket on and it said:

Now where to select ? 😉

It is complicated

Too much load 😀


When x approaches 5

I recieved it in a mail from one of my friends. Found this pic worth sharing 😀



Any guesses what it could be ? 😀


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