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Due to the lockdown, the daily wagers and migrant labourers are facing really hard times. They have lost the work and there is no income. The only option they have is to try to go back to their hometowns which they are trying to do. Since most of the public transport is not functional, there is a flood of people at various bus stands.

Authorities should have kept this point in consideration before announcing the lockdown. I don’t think it would have been possible to completely avoid this but still some planning could have helped. Gatherings of people in thousands increase the risk of community spread but what option do they have ? They need food and a place to live to survive. When you have no source of income and no money in the pocket, how are you going to get this ? It makes their lives even harder. This is really sad. Hope things improve for them. Reminds me of this piece of poetry by Sant Ram Udasi (Sung by Jasbir Jassi) – tu maghda rahi ve soorja kammiyan de vihde

On the personal front, the water purified stopped working. The Kent guys aren’t able to provide the service due to lockdown. Need to figure out if there is a way to get it fixed.

But I am just thinking how small this problem is as compared to what my fellow citizens are facing. Reminds me of this tweet of mine (the first one).

Hope things change for better !

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