Enabling Helium backup for Redmi phones

If you have ever used Helium app (earlier called Carbon) on android to backup/restore apps/data you would be aware that on non-rooted phones that app needs to be enabled first by connecting your phone via USB cable to your computer running Carbon desktop app. For most of the phones you need to choose the PTP mode after connecting the USB cable and the Helium app gets enabled on your phone. Somehow this doesn’t work for Redmi phones (running MIUI). There you need to choose MIDI mode. I did it last time but had to struggle this time again. I was trying with PTP and it was not working. Thought of documenting it.

BTW i wanted to backup/restore messages from Moto X2 to Redmi Note4. Helium didn’t do the job this time. Both the backup and restore operations were successful but it actually didnt restore the messages. I installed MI Mover app on both the phones to get the job done. That was pretty smooth.


  1. Thank you very much, I had the same problem and your idea solved it!

  2. I also thank You very much. It worked!

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