ye na thi hamari qismat…ajab apna haal hota

Yesterday while searching for a live version of Ghalib’s ye na thi hamari qismat on Youtube came across this brilliant rendition of the same poem by Tina Sani. It is done bit differently where she picked up another poem by Daag Dehlvi and she sings one verse from Ghalib’s poem and then next one from Daagh’s poem and so on. Verses from both the poets are somewhat related to each other in terms of the emotion that is expressed. On top of  that there is a brilliant singing by Tina Sani. Absolutely mesmerizing. Can it be a called a new year gift ? Yes I think.

Happy New Year everyone !  Enjoy the masterpiece !


  1. I have another related stuff of this ghazal by Mirza Ghalib in audio, video with translation. Video is performed by Mohmaad Rafi, Iqbal Bano, and Begam Akhtar.

  2. Really interesting and best video. Good video sung by Tina Sani.

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