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Dussehra street

The Dussehra celebrations at the place where we live in Delhi are pretty huge. The local residents arrange a big function every year where there some local singer is called for performance and then there is burning of the effigies of Ravana. In our language there is a kind of mela where there are many stalls for different type of food, toys for children and more.

Looking from the 3rd floor balcony the scene in the street looked somewhat like:

  • Stage for Dussehra celebrations is being set. People have started gathering in the street.
  • All the locality residents are participating in the rituals as if burning effigy of Ravana is going to get rid of all the problems in the life. Though half of them have been fighting over ‘i-will-park-my-car-here’ issues an hour ago.
  • Rehri walas are also finding places to set up their stalls. For them today is the day to earn more than what they can daily.
  • Some homeless poor children are also roaming around thinking they might get to eat something without paying anything. Today is the festival of winning of good over bad, after all.
  • Our neighbor aunty is worried that space in front of their house might get occupied by someone. Then where would his (idiot) husband park his car ? So she has asked a rehri wala to park his rehri there to keep that space occupied. Of course till her husband comes and has to park his car.
  • We also tried gol-gappas from a rehri wala but they were not good Sad smile . So now back home and just standing in balcony observing all this.
  • The music is going on in full swing. Some politician also seems to be present on the occasion. After all it is election time in Delhi dude.
  • We hear the crackers are being fired. Seems Ravana is being burned. Hope it will end all the evil in our society.
  • It is 9:15 PM. Most of the rehri walas are gone now.
  • It is almost 10 PM. The street looks empty now but is full of litter. Hopefully someone would clean the street tomorrow. It looks really dirty !





  • It has been 2 weeks to all these celebrations but the evil is still there. Newspaper are full of such terrible news. Seems this year again burning Ravana didn’t work Sad smile.
  • Hope it does next year !

tera Coke, mera Coke

After the first video from Coke Studio season 6 was released I got a message from one of my friend

Fantastic ….

Par dukh di gal eh hai ki Pakistan te India waale coke studio baaki countries de singer te musicians lai rahe.  But not of each other.
It’s really painful for me..,
Both talk about shrinking boundaries. But not between themselves.
So sad !!!

That indeed is a bitter truth. In Indian version of the Coke Studio this year there were few non-Indian artists but none of them was from Pakistan. Similarly in this season of Coke Studio Pakistan there are many artists from other countries like Serbia, Turkey and many others but no-one from India. In the last reason one song by Rabbi Shergill was recorded but it never went on air. God knows the reasons.

Indian version anyways is garbage so lets not talk about it Smile. But there are many Indian artists who I would like to see feature in Coke Studio Pakistan. Some of them would be Wadali Brothers, Gurdas Maan, Hans Raj Hans, Sukhwinder, Sonu Nigam and Lakhwinder Wadali. There would be many others too. But given the present situation between two countries its doesn’t seem very likely to happen. Even after so much being similar the two countries have been enemy of each other since 1947.

Anyways with the hope that things take better shape in future enjoy Rohail Hyatt’s brilliance. Here is the first song from Coke Studio season 6. Bulle Shah’s main jaana jogi de naal sung by Fariha Pervez featuring Muazzam Ali Khan and Serbian artists.

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