RIP Arfa Karim

It was while going through Morning With Farah videos on Youtube that I came across this interview of Arfa Karim with Farah and came to know that she was the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional who cleared MCP at the age of 9.


Then from comments I came to know that she had suffered a cardiac arrest attack and was in hospital. Since then there used to be an on and off update about her health through twitter or news. Yesterday was the unfortunate day when she lost the fight and said goodbye to this world. Life seems to be so unfair at times. Such a brilliant, intelligent kid and she had to go from this world at the age of 16. But  strange are the ways of God. We are the mere audience.

May her soul rest in peace. You were a brilliant kid Arfa and will remain an inspiration for many others.


  1. rest in peace bachhe

  2. Yes it is sad to see some strange things that happen around us. We see great people live their life short and evil doers live very long. Its the way life is and we just are the pots in the hands of a potter.

  3. So sad 🙁

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