Ghulam Ali & Jagjit Singh live in concert

Just got back after watching Ghulam Ali & Jagjit Singh live in concert at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. It probably was for the first time that both were coming together on a single stage. The concert started with Ghulam Ali and as usual he was amazing. He started with faasle aise bhi honge and then went on to sing dil mein ek lehar si uthi hai abhi, chupke chupke, legendary Ahmed Faraz’s phir kisi rahaguzar par shayad, hungama hain kyon barpa and so on. And believe me it was an amazing performance. If someone is there after Mehdi Hasan, he is Ghulam Ali. After one and half hour Ghulam Ali freed the stage for Jagjit Singh


now comes the sad part 🙁

Jagjit Singh was totally disappointing. It was nothing more than playing a CD. He sang some idiotic ghazals that were sung in some movies. He almost didn’t speak anything, no interaction with the audience; just kept on singing one ghazal after another. By the time he was going to finish, it became bit ok but just a “bit”.

Then Jagjit Singh called Ghulam Ali on stage again and they started with a jugalbandi on Ghulam Ali’s lag gaye nain avede. One guy from Jagjit Singh’s orcehstra and then another one from Ghulam Ali’s orchestra also joined. That was totally awesome. Then they went on to sing a classical composition (I can’t recall the lyrics) and it was amazing too ! And that was the end of the show.

Ghulam Ali totally stole the show and Jagjit Singh was totally, absolutely disappointing and I don’t think I will ever go to watch Jagjit Singh again. It was totally a lifeless singing.  And by the way why doesn’t he use a mic with harmonium ? So that harmonium’s sound is not heard ? #FAIL


  1. I am going to watch them on 23rd in Mumbai.

    hope Jagjit becomes more lively to give an overall good experience.

  2. Dear I was there and yes you are right that Ghulam Ali overshadowed Jagjit Singh. The second composition was “BAJU BAND KHUL KHUL JAAE”. Where were you sitting in the audience?

  3. I were also in i block but we hav no wright to say bad to anyone’s art dont forgot that we enjoyed the flute and voilen by the team of jagjit ji and i think jagjit singh sang continously to make us listen more song in few tine if u dont belive then go and watch his old live concert at last i salute to both of them that was nice experince for my life

  4. any one who has seen jagjit perform will never say this , i think the blogger is a paki . biased thats all

    • Rajanish, you know what our problem is?
      We Indians never dare to call a spade, a spade… We just follow each other like a herd of sheeps, if one sheep jumps over the cliff we all follow him blindly, without giving it a thought.
      And if someone tries to show us the mirror, we all label him/her as biased, agent of a foreign power and etc.

      I do not think that Amardeep Sidhu doubted on the talent of Jagjit Singh, and I think noone can have any doubt on it; If anyone has a second thought on Jagjit singh’s talent then he/she is out of his/her mind.
      The only thing Sidhu tried to tell in his blog is that the performance by Jagjit Singh was not upto the expectations.
      At least there should be some difference between the live singing & recorded singing.
      In live shows a singer connects with the audience, sings as per the audience’s response.

      I’ve seen a lot of videos of Jagjit singh’s live performances, where he was very good in the performing & interacting with the audience.
      And Sidhu pointed out exectly the same thing, that in this particular show he was not singing as the way it should be.

    • haha.No dude, I am not. BTW being Pakistani shouldn’t matter here. We are talking about music not some land dispute or war.

  5. I have just come from watching Ghulam Ali & Jagjit Singh live in concert at Shanmukhananda, Mumbai.
    And the biggest set back in the start of the show was the news that said, Jagjit singh wont be performing due to bad health. The fans were really disappointed including myself.
    Now this for Mr.Siddhu. I dont think that you have ever seen Jagjit singh’s live performance before the show in delhi otherwise you wouldnt have said such Bad things about him.
    He is the greatest Ghazal singer of india and was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2003 for the same. The not so good performance of jagjit singh which you witnessed was due to his “BAD HEALTH”, because he underwent an emergency surgery after he developed a hemorrhage or clot in the brain on Friday.
    I must say that you were lucky that atleast you had witnessed his presence in the show.
    Coming back to the Mumbai Concert in place of Jagjit Singh it was “HARIHARAN” who was performing Ghulam Ali. Hariharan according to the situation did a decent job in his own style. I had an opportunity to listen for the first time hariharan in a Ghazal format. Some of his ghazal were IS AAINE MEIN, MERE KANDHE PAR USKA SIR HOTA,….

    As expected the second half of the show was fantastic as GHULAM ALI has to match for Jagjit Singh’s absence also. Superbbbbb he was just amazing- HUNGAMA, CHUPKE CHUPKE, AAWARGI, HEER PUNJABI, LEHAR,….
    And at the end a very good Jugal bandi of Hari haran and Ghulam Ali- TORE BIN LAGE NA MERA JIYA.

    We should pray for Jagjit singh’s good health, so that we can listen him in Full form again.

  6. I don’t think Sidhu has criticise Jagjit Singh. All know Jagjit Singh is a milestone in the word of Gazals.

    Criticizing a person OR criticizing his performance/action are two different things, which you Mr. Amardeep and Mr. Rajanish don’t seem to know 🙂

  7. Dear Mr. Bal & Mr. Neeraj,

    With due respect to your comments i would like to clarrify where Mr. Siddhu was wrong and he questioned wrong things. Mr. Siddhu said that Jagjit Singh sang “some idiotic ghazals” from films. Now this has to be questioned if you are not questioning any persons talent that you cant use that words. Jagjit Singh each and every ghazal have got and should get the same respect and love from fans. Ghazals are never idiotic.
    Secondly as you mentioned Mr. Bal that you have seen the videos of Jagjit singhs live performance and he has done well in the past.
    I have witnessed Jagjit singhs live performance 8 times, so i can know that this time there may have been some problem because of which he didnt conected to audience well. But only the person who has seen jagjit singh performing live can understand this. thats why i said that Mr. Siddhu has jagjeet singhs performance for the first time i think.

    And i very well know the difference between Criticizing a person OR criticizing his performance/action Mr. Neeraj.


    • Those ghazals are indeed idiotic dude. There is some standard that has to be maintained. Bollywood is the biggest crap producer (in terms of music) on this planet.

      And what makes you think that this was my first time watching him live. It was for the third time, by the way. In fact, that is the reason why i could feel the difference. Otherwise how i would be able to say that he was not good this time.

      He indeed gave a lifeless performance. It is not only me who is saying this; the whole audience felt that.

      Anyway, rather than arguing about all this, we should pray for his speedy recovery so that he can hit back on stage the soonest !

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  9. dr liaqat jafri

    October 2, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    sidhu ji….zara jaldi keejyay ga….hum allready late ho chuke hain..
    mujhay ph zaroor kejay ga..

  10. miss u alot…………

  11. Sidhu Ji,
    today i see, we were fortunate enough to listen to Jagjit Singh in his last concert…
    may he RIP

  12. Agreed with you. After his sad demise, I was listening to an earlier interview clipping on a news channel where he said that if I sing two long classicals in a concert than a person who has spent one thousand Rupees for the show will feel cheated as each ghazal would cost him 500 Rupees.
    He was more conscious about delivering full value for money to his audience.
    Moreover, his renditions were full of feeling and delivered as flawlessness as a studio recording. To me entire package of Jagjit Singh in the concert was much above than that of Ghulam Ali.

  13. It’s very sad for us, music lover, that Jagjit Singh is no more. Jagjit Singh and Ghulam Ali was going to present next duet in Sanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai, but time didn’t allow Jagjit Singh to do so.
    About the previous concert, it is very much possible that Jagjit Singh couldn’t give his best there since he was not well. That doesn’t make him a ghazal singer of lower quality. His memorable past recordings are still in our mind. According to my knowledge, two stalwarts in ghazal like Jagjit and Ghulam can’t be compared because they possess completely different type of gayaki (style). Still it’s natural for us to compare these two when they are on same stage. In this respect Ghulam Ali might have score more than Jagjit Singh in anyone’s point of view; that doesn’t mean the listeners should be criticized. Whoever was not in that concert shouldn’t criticize the actual listeners. Cheer up friends, we like to enjoy music, not fight with each other for a silly matter.
    If anyone has the audio/video recording of that concert, please share with us. It will be surely a treasure. Waiting for the recording.

  14. veere…jagjit singh da te ghulam ali da koi muqabla nai…je asli ghazal jagjit singh di sunni hai te jagjit singh de 1960-70 de live concerts suno us ton tuhanu pata lagge ga ki classicaly sound kehda banda si…veerji jagjit singh de concerts udon de chal rahe ne jadon ghulam ali nu koi jaanda vi nai si…veere bas one apna style change kita ghazal gaan da ..jeda ki koi copy nai kar sakda..nai te aiven jagjit singh de croran de concert de piche inimitable na likhya hove…….

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